Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Release Day Blitz: Heartbreaker (Heartbreaker #1) by Cole Saint Jaimes

Title: Heartbreaker
Series: Heartbreaker #1
Author: Cole Saint Jaimes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: August 18, 2015





Get high.

Sounds like the perfect day to Aidan Callahan. As second-born son to Chicago’s most influential business owner, Aidan’s life has always been about responsibility. Tradition. Toeing the goddamn line. Just do as you’re told, Aidan. Don’t make waves.

Well, screw that. Riding waves is way more fun than making them.

Hawaii is paradise on earth. Smoking hot women. Tiny bikinis. As far as Aidan’s concerned, wild horses couldn’t drag him kicking and screaming back to the windy city. Or at least that’s what he thought.

When his brother crashes his Mercedes, killing himself on impact, Aidan finds himself next in line to the Callahan fortune and all the ties that come with it. And this time there’s no getting out of it. 


A warm bed.

A steady job.

A brother who loves her.

For Essie Gray, life’s been one hard kick in the teeth after another. With her parents both dead, her brother is her only living relative. That is until Vaughn’s truck is written off, his life snatched away by the careless actions of a rich playboy in a flashy sports car.

Now, the only thing that will bring Essie peace is revenge. She must take what was taken from her. Only when the name Callahan has been wiped from the face of the earth forever will she be able to start living again.

Of course, the new head of the Callahan Corporation isn’t what she expected. Aidan’s sexy and sad, and just as damaged as she is. Will she be able to distance herself enough to accomplish her goal?

After all, ruining a man’s really hard when you find yourself falling for him… 

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My Review


Heartbreaker is an absolutely amazing book. From the very beginning, I was hooked by this author's words. A debut novel, Heartbreaker is well written, the characters are well defined, and the emotions that both Aidan and Essie fell are genuine and can be felt as you read their story. 

Essie and Aidan are two completely different people from two very different worlds. Essie has grown up with just her brother as her only family. Through shelters and tough times, Essie and her brother, Vaughn were all that each other had. Aidan on the hand grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth until he decided that wasn't the life for him. He was more comfortable on a board surfing the waves than he was in a boardroom. 

In one twist of fate, Aidan and Essie's lives are irrevocably changed.

Now Aidan is thrust into a life he never wanted while Essie is filled with anger and grief and has nothing on her mind except revenge. It may takes her years, but the final piece comes into place and Essie has the end goal in sight. But plans change when Essie starts falling for Aidan. Revenge takes an interesting turn when the man you are supposed to bring down, you begin to fall for instead. 

Heartbreaker is powerful and absolutely amazing book that will definitely give you the feels. I could not put this book down at all once I began reading it and I still want more. I felt for both characters and what they have been through and their emotions leapt off the pages. Essie and Aidan were so real to me. 

Heartbreaker is an amazing debut book and the author's writing style is refreshing. For a debut author, Cole Saint Jaimes is very talented and I look forward to reading more from him. Cole Saint Jaimes was gifted with the ability to write and I can't wait to see what he brings to life for us readers in the future. 

BEYOND ★★★★★

Author Bio

Cole Saint Jaimes caught the travel bug young. He spent years honing his skills as a writer while he island-hopped and caught some of the most incredible waves in the world, fuelling his addiction for surfing. Along with his adorable French wife, Cole now calls Los Angeles home. You can usually find him procrastinating on Facebook, or watching Game of Thrones for the seventeenth time on HBO.

Heartbreaker is his first contemporary romance series. You can catch more from Cole by checking out his website at www.colesaintjaimes.com

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