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Blog Tour: Murder/Love on the Menu


LoveOnTheMenu500Book Title: Murder Love on the Menu 
Author: Dyann Love Barr 
Release Date: 8/17/15 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Book Synopsis: Celebrity chef Jordan Kelly wants to marry the love of his life, Tilly Danes. Unfortunately, the proposal isn't going quite as planned. For starters, the Culinary Channel just hired his ex-lover as their new chef—and now she’s been murdered. Tilly might have a tiny problem with commitment, but she knows for a fact that Jordan is hiding something. Something big. And if he doesn't spill it soon, their future happiness is definitely on the chopping block... Someone at the Culinary Channel has an appetite for killing, and no one is safe. All this danger might just bring Jordan and Tilly's relationship closer...if they can manage to survive.

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 Excerpt 2: The life he and Tilly had in New York was perfect. Perfect for him, until now. His fantasy had just been blown out of the water by her daughter. “Who is Mark?” Tilly pinched the bridge of her delicate nose with her fingers and pulled in a deep breath. “I take it he’s someone special?” She turned around and mouthed, I’m sorry. “No, I’m tapin’ every day this week. I can get home next Monday.” He heard another wail. There was nothing he could do, no suggestions to make that would help the situation. From what he could tell, from hearing Tilly’s end of the conversation, it involved a boy. He was out of his depth. “Can you Skype me later this evenin’? I’d like to see your pretty face when I talk to you. Okay? Can you do that for me?” She glanced up at him for confirmation. “Say, eight your time?” He put the demon raining havoc in his brain on mute the minute he saw Tilly’s lower lip wobble. She finished her call with a weary sigh and took a spot next to him on the wall. “Uh—what’s wrong?” His words came out in a tentative croak. He didn’t know what to say or how to make her feel better without touching her. Sex equaled comfort. It cleared the decks for him, but it would be the last thing she wanted or needed. “Boys. Is there any other kind of stress?”  “I refuse to answer, since I’m on the male side of the equation. I’d say I’d help, but Sarah can’t stand me.” He crossed his arms over his chest and tucked his hands in tight to fight the temptation to hold her. “It would be like pouring gasoline on the old barbie.” His execrable Australian accent did the trick. A faint smile twitched at the corner of her mouth, and the itch at the base of his spine lessened. “That’s a surefire recipe for ending up burned to a crisp with no eyebrows.” She hung her head and picked at her thumbnail. “She doesn’t know you. You’ve only met her the one time. She said she likes you.” He couldn’t hold back a snort of disbelief. “She looks at me like I’m a serial killer.” “Trouble shows up every time I hook up with a man whose name has a in it. They both lied to me—and to her.” “So, I’m the newest on her shit list. I can deal.” He had to if he wanted to keep her in his life. A few weeks of uninterrupted time away from the world would be paradise, but it wasn’t going to happen any time soon. “I meant to call her last night but got caught up in Juliette’s death and our stupid bet.” She opened the door to the studio. “Damn it. I knew there was a problem when she called Wednesday.” “Fourteen is a crazy time. I remember being all arms, legs, and hard-ons.” She threw a wan smile at him over her shoulder. “You still are.”

DSC_3473Author Bio:  Dyann Love Barr is a retired personal chef who lives in the Kansas City area with her husband and a hermit crab. Don’t ask. When she’s not writing, she’s belly dancing, sewing, and taking care of her two granddaughters. When she started writing many, many years ago, she thought ‘how hard could it be?’ It’s more difficult than staring down the barrel of an automatic rifle when she was stopped by the Mexican army, or her adventure in Africa. She came back with a mysterious spider bite on her—but that’s another story.

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