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Cover Reveal: Dead In The Water by Britney King

Title: Dead in the Water
Author: Britney King
Release Date: 01.17.17
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He’s a contract killer.
She murders for fun.
Smack dab in the middle of suburbia,
few married couples are as competitive as Jude and Kate.
But then, most married couples probably
don’t keep score in the form of body counts.
Each hell-bent on a silent pact to out-do the other,
the games begin—
only there are no rules.
And who ends up on top is anyone’s guess.
But with these two, one thing’s for sure—
not everyone comes out alive.
Because there are a few things they can agree on: 
All is fair in love and war.
And if they can’t make it work—
they’re dead in the water.

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Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She also enjoys suspense and often finds her sweet spot penning a good mixture of the two. Britney is the author of seven novels and is currently at work on number eight.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat and a partridge in a pear tree.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

#FosterAnAuthor Day 4: Tangled Web & Meet Jade C. Jamison

Tangled Web:
A Steamy Heavy Metal Novella

Katie Logan has had a secret crush on her best friend Johnny Church since high school, but he’s never looked at her the same way. So when Johnny—now a famous rock star—comes home to visit, Katie can’t bring herself to tell him she’s engaged to be married. She should have, though, because she soon discovers that maybe the attraction is mutual…

Warning: Not for the faint of heart! This book contains explicit sex, drugs, and rock and roll, not to mention a few eff bombs here and there. Proceed with caution.


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For years, Jade C. Jamison tried really hard to write what she thought was more “literary” fiction, but she found herself compelled to write what you read by her today—sometimes gritty, raw, realistic stories and other times humorous, light tales—but most of the stories she writes revolve around relationships and characters finding their way through life. While she doesn’t confine herself to just one genre, nor is there a nice neat label for what she writes, most of her work could be called erotic romance.
She lives in Colorado with her husband and four children.

Me, the Writer
by Jade C. Jamison
Like so many other folks, I was a young girl with a dream. I was going to be an actress. I wrote plays and books and poems as a kid and teenager and I acted in and directed the plays. In college, I pursued both goals—acting and writing—but life has a way of getting in the way.
But you know what? A writer doesn’t stop writing.
As each life hurdle came my way, I was writing. I wrote one book, then another, and then another—and, before I knew it, I had lots of books and poems and short stories that had but one audience: Me. To a degree, that didn’t matter. I was going to write and continue writing–with or without an audience–but, like any writer, I wanted to be read. Being able to move other people like my favorite authors had moved me was one of my biggest unachieved goals.
So I kept reading about the craft (and reading in general) and writing in my spare time. And then, in 2005, I went back to school, earning first an MA in English and then an MFA in Creative Writing. Because I love to write, I decided I wanted to teach writing as well, and earning those degrees not only honed my writing skills, raising them to a whole new level, but also allowed me to share that love with others.
But I kept writing—not just fiction and poetry but nonfiction as well. In fact, I focused a lot of attention on nonfiction (writing articles for lots of sites online and other academic writing), but the siren song of fiction kept drawing me in…and I kept writing, book after book after book. It’s true when I say that I would write even if no one read. But having readers? That drives me even harder.
Lots of my readers have heard this story before but it bears repeating. The year was 2010 and I was, once again, writing a book. I’d quit a lifelong adult habit of smoking in 2008, and I’d finally quit for good. I used Chantix (which truly did make cessation easier than it ever had been), and I was grateful, but in addition to turning off those brain receptors that responded to the nicotine, fueling my addiction, it also tripped something else in my head, and I found myself suffering from clinical depression. I was working three jobs at the time (my “day” job—government work; teaching English classes at the local community college; and contract work for another government agency). Fortunately, I had Sundays off, but that time was wasted on the depression. I would sleep until midafternoon and then force myself to get up so I could do laundry and grade papers, preparing for another week. But I was like a hamster on a wheel. I was going through the motions. My doctor put me on one antidepressant and then another—but they couldn’t cut it. After one health scare (albeit minor), I took myself off them, confessing to my doctor afterwards what I’d done.
Something clicked in my brain and I started writing again—not just the nonfiction I’d been dabbling in. I started writing another book. And as I forced myself to go through the motions in spite of feeling rusty, I noticed something else: the depression was there, but it was taking a back burner. I had a story to tell and it consumed me.
Right about that time, someone very close to me, someone who’d been writing her whole life (at least since I’d known her) finally got a publishing contract! That? That was hugely inspiring. My lovely friend Stacy Gail (if you don’t know who she is, look her up!) had a story accepted by Samhain (the book that eventually became known as Best Man, Worst Man) and I had the great fortune to beta read it prepublication. It inspired me, and I not only finished writing my latest book, but I once more started writing a query letter.
If you’ve never done it before, I cannot even begin to tell you how draining the process of writing query letters, synopses, and searching for the perfect publisher and/or agent is—and after spending all that time searching and writing that type of targeted nonfiction, it’s even worse. So receiving rejections on top of that—even “nice” or uplifting rejections—just kills the writing spirit. Writers like me want to write fiction, not query letters. But I did it anyway. It wasn’t an unfamiliar process, in spite of the fact that I disliked everything about it.
But then Stacy told me about Amazon publishing phenom Amanda Hocking. That young woman had earned all kinds of money self-publishing through their KDP platform, so I thought, Why not check it out? Well…I did more than that. That spring, I had friends beta reading my most recent story while I spent my time researching everything there was to know about publishing an ebook on Amazon, and by April, I (with the help of my husband) designed my first cover, and I also learned how to format my book for Amazon’s e-reader. Tangled Web was born. By the end of that summer, I’d published on other platforms, further honed the look of my books, and by the end of that year, I’d published multiple books and started attracting a few faithful readers. I often say the rest is history, but I’d rather believe that the best is yet to come!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#FosterAnAuthor Day 3: Got The Life by Jade C. Jamison

Got The Life 

Nicki Sosebee wants her first headline, but she doesn’t want it to read “Reporter found dead.”

Since leaving school years earlier, Nicki Sosebee has long since given up on the notion of The American Dream, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have dreams of her own. She realized early on that her college degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but she also knows that she doesn’t want to work for minimum wage the rest of her life.

She wants MORE.

To get there, she’s been learning the ropes as a novice reporter for her hometown newspaper, but it doesn’t take her long to find out that her naïveté is not doing her any favors. That’s where her best friend Sean Ramsey comes in. He gives her advice when her instincts steer her wrong and he supports her when she needs it.

Oh…and he’s HOT.

She’s had it bad for Sean, ever since The Night eight years ago, the one time they hooked up and had the time of their lives, but she ruined it when she accidentally called him her ex-boyfriend’s name in the heat of passion. And they’ve been friends only—and hands off—ever since.

Nicki’s currently investigating a story that she thinks might result in her first headline. One of Winchester’s bad boys has been locked up for arson, but as Nicki digs deeper, she finds it’s not just a case of trying to set fire to a house…and between being seduced by a bad ass biker and potentially getting caught by the bad guys before she can write that headline, Nicki starts to wonder if she’s really GOT THE LIFE.

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#FosterAnAuthor Day 2 with Jade C. Jamison!

It's Day Two of Foster An Author and today I'm sharing with you Jade C. Jamison's, On The Run. On The Run is FREE so if you haven't heard of Jade or read her books before, go one-click and immerse yourself in the world of Jade Jamison and rock out with Kyle Summers. 

On The Run 
(Vagabonds #1)

What if your dream became a nightmare?

Kyle Summers enjoys a carefree childhood traveling the countryside with her parents…until she discovers the electric guitar. When she first wraps her hand around its neck, she knows she was born to play it.

When she discovers boys, she realizes she has a second passion.

But music always comes first, and when Kyle is recruited to be part of a young all-girl band, she jumps at her chance for fame and fortune. It isn’t long before Kyle discovers that all that glitters isn’t gold. Will she survive when she discovers the dark and seedy side of the music industry—or will it ruin her for good?

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#FosterAnAuthor2: In The Spotlight with Jade C. Jamison

Bottles & Books Reviews is proud to be a part of #FosterAnAuthor2, 
sponsored by Jo & Isa Loves Books
This week Bottles & Books Reviews is the temporary home 
of Authors Jacob Chance and Jade C. Jamison


What if you discover the man you want is toxic? 

She tasted a little bit of heaven with him, and now they’ve gone through hell and back, but can their relationship take anymore? 

Valerie Quinn is a naïve college freshman when she meets on-the-rise rock star Ethan Richards. He’s an idealistic, handsome, reckless young man, but he’s captured her heart. She doesn’t give up on him and eventually his walls crumble down. By the time Valerie has given herself to him completely, she discovers he’s damaged and may be beyond help. Can she save Ethan and their relationship before he implodes, or will he self-destruct and take her with him? 

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                                          ☆ WHAT READERS SAY 

"Bullet is very raw, gritty and full of turmoil. So much turmoil in fact that my kindle almost found itself into a million pieces; When it comes to writing both slow burn and explicit erotica Mrs Jamison is the master." ~ Neda Amini, The SubClub Books 

"Val is surrounded by five gorgeous rock-stars with tattoos and long hair. These guys are her protectors, her tormentors, and a few become her lovers. Several times, I had to stop and take a deep breath before plunging back into this story. The sex will fog up whatever glass you have around you. From the loss of her virginity to the awakening of her inner goddess, Val takes you with her on her coming-of-age journey. This is more than just a story of Val's sexual journey. It is also a peek into the microcosm of this rock band, from the self-sacrifices to the self-promotion needed to realize their dreams. If you don't feel like you have been on tour with the band when you finish this story, you're doing it wrong!" ~ Mary Lou PagePrincess 

"Bullet is unlike any book I have read before. Instead of a glimpse into a single relationship or a small timeframe we are exposed to a large span of time where we are able to become immersed in several characters’ lives during which time they grow and change and are molded into the people that they will become. This is real life with real problems, real feelings and real choices. It is fascinating and engrossing." ~ Michelle, Nose Stuck in a Book