Friday, August 21, 2015

ARC Review: Just One Reason by Brooklyn Skye

Title: Just One Reason
Series: What Happens in Vegas, #5
Author: Brooklyn Skye
Genre: Contemporary Romance, novella
Length: 167 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63375-414-0
Release Date: August 17, 2015
Imprint: Lovestruck

He's more than she bargained for...
As far as Declan Waterford is concerned, women are off limits-at least until he can earn enough money for his brother's surgery. The dueling piano gig at Vegas's Masquerade hotel barely pays enough...but if Declan can convince his boss to promote him, he'll be set. And the Senior VP of the hotel's gorgeous daughter might just be the "in" Declan needs.

Between drowning in mistakes at her editorial internship and fighting off her father's demands that she relocate to Vegas and join his hotel empire, Melody Sumner doesn't have time for love-or one-night stands with sexy Irish piano players-no matter how appetizing Declan is. But even though she knows he's only interested in her for one reason, the intense chemistry between them has her thinking dangerous thoughts...

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My Review

I love, love, love tortured heroes! And when that tortured hero is a sexy Irishman, I'm all a tingle inside. Declan Waterford had me swooning! Just One Reason is book number five in the What Happens in Vegas series, a continuing series by multiple authors. Author Brooklyn Skye adds her unique voice with her addition, Just One Reason, to the series. 

As I mentioned, I love tortured heroes, so of course Declan was my favorite character of the book. I had a grand time reading about him. The first thing that caught my eye about this book though was the cover. I love the blend of colors, the suspenders and bow tie Declan is wearing and the plaid checkered dress that heroine, Melody wears. This picture kind of reminds me of something from the 50's. Secondly, the blurb! As soon as I read the blurb I knew this had to be added to my TBR list. 

Melody is having issues with her internship and staying focused on it. The last thing she needs is another distraction, even if he is a sexy Irish piano player. With pressure from her father for her to step into a management position on top of her internship, the last thing she has time for is dating. 

Declan has a lot on his plate himself as he tries to raise money for his brother's surgery. This leaves little time for anything else. But even though Declan and Melody have no time for relationships, the chemistry between them is so great and undeniable. I rooted for this couple through the whole book. I swooned, I laugh, I decided I needed to have piano lessons ASAP, but most importantly, I fell in love with this book. 

Just One Reason is the epitome of the three S's: Swoon-worthy, sweet, and sizzling! I highly enjoyed this book. 

★★★★ 1/2

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