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Release Blitz: The Scene Part Three by Roxy Sloane

Title: The Scene Part 3
Series: The Scene #3
Author: Roxy Sloane
 Release Date: August 5, 2015


I’m undercover to reveal the truth about my brother’s killer.

A double life. A dangerous game - with a sexy-as-hell man at the other end of the gun.

The stakes are life or death, but I can’t walk away.

This ends tonight.

My Review
First off, I have to begin by saying I love the covers for this series! They are absolutely breathtaking and this cover for Part 3 is amazing. 

Now that I've said that...

The Scene just keeps getting better and the conclusion is the best part yet! In Part 3 there is drama, sexiness, and fun and yet there is a twisted side to things. From the very beginning I was more than intrigued by Xavier and although drawn to his character - who wouldn't be - I just was not sure about him at first because I KNEW he held a secret and that it could go one of two ways: bad vs. good. Either way he has a secret and he knows more than he lets on about things. 

Nikki is still craving answers and since the man she loves doesn't seem to be handing them over anytime soon, she has to do what a girl's gotta do and she heads undercover seeking the answers she so desperately wants to find. 

While Nikki has so many questions, one thing is for sure: She will never be the same once she uncovers the truth once and for all.

The Scene is utterly addicting, fascinating, and a roller coaster ride! I enjoyed the mysterious air all throughout the series and this book really took me for a loop. The characters are well written, the plot is absolutely incredible and Sloane has me so in love with this series it is not even funny. I would love, love, love more from Miami, Xavier, and Nikki, but alas, this is the conclusion -- and what a wonderful one at that!


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Xavier reaches out and runs his fingers along the side of my face. I feel the electricity of the contact, even as I try to fight off my hesitation. He leans toward me, going in for another kiss, and a mix of anticipation and dread fills me. My stomach clenches, but then his lips are on mine, velvety soft yet firm. My body responds in spite of my concerns, warming at his touch, the kiss melting away any protests I might have. His tongue plays with mine, a kiss that is both sexual and intimate.

The chemistry between us is so strong, and I feel it more than usual after cutting ties with him. His tongue explores my mouth, and I can't help but think about it exploring the rest of my body. As the kiss continues, Xavier's hands move across my back. I realize my hands are doing the same, running over his shoulders and down his firm arms, as if they're independent of my brain. My body has taken over, and it wants this. Wants him. His touch seems to disconnect the part of my brain that controls logical thinking.

His mouth moves down my neck, and the feel of his mouth on my collarbone, on my cleavage, sends jolts of pleasure between my legs. He leans me back against the couch and starts to pull up my shirt, planting kisses across my abdomen. Each touch of his lips to my bare skin thrills me, and I shiver in anticipation of what's to come. He pulls my shirt off, then pulls the straps of my bra from my shoulders, yanking the bra down so my chest is exposed. He looks at me, pure lust in his eyes. Then his mouth and hands are on my breasts, licking and sucking my nipples. I forget about anything but how amazing it feels. My body is on fire with how much I want him.

I don’t want to think about Eli. I don’t want to consider the possibility that I’m with his murderer, not in this moment. But the thought rises in the back of my mind and refuses to go back under…

Author Bio

Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.

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