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Blog Tour: Warblers Point Series by Meghan Quinn

Beers, Hens & Irishmen

Fiona O’Leary wants nothing more than to flee away from the small town she grew up in, her three extremely over protective brothers, and her Irish parents. But leaving Warblers Point is not that simple, especially when she is the bar maid at the local pub she owns with her three brothers. After a two year relationship with local Irishman, Murphy Ryan, sharing nothing but each other’s beds, she realizes she wants more out of a relationship besides sex. But somehow she keeps winding up in his arms wishing she could break away but finds the task impossible when her family is head over heels in love of the idea of Murphy and Fiona together. 

Booker Hall, world re-known director, finds himself living an empty and unfulfilled life. The people around him are fake, narcissistic and only care about his money. In an act of desperation he decides to enlist his sister for some help, give himself a makeover and go to a place where no one would recognize him. Never did he think he was going to fall in love with an unsuspecting bar maid with whiskey colored eyes and an over-bearing family. 

The minute Fiona lays eyes on Booker, she knows she is sunk. His devilish grin, movie star looks and charming heart are hard to avoid and she constantly finds herself gravitating toward him. The only bad thing about Booker is that he is a tourist and living in a touristy town she has learned that getting involved with a non-local only brings heartache. Instead of giving into Booker, she finds herself debating which relationship is safer; an empty relationship but fulfilling sex life with Murphy or a deep and meaningful relationship with Booker that could only bring heartache. 

Beers, Hens and Irishmen dives into the complexity of Fiona’s love life, the crazy antics of her three brothers, as well as her two overbearing and heavily Irish speaking parents. Fists fly, hearts are broken, beer is guzzled and deceit is formed amongst comrades while the O’Leary’s take over Warblers Point in the search for love and what makes them happy.

Beers, Lies & Alibis

The Warblers Point series is back and it’s not all beers and Irish accents this time, revenge is being sought after and Murphy and Sophie won’t give up until they’re back on top.

After the embarrassing display of Liam and Finn fighting over NOT wanting Sophie in her front yard, the gossip vine has made her to look like the town tramp which she isn’t and it has not only affected her social life but her business life as well and she only has the O’Leary boys to thank for it.

Murphy Ryan, hunky Irishman of Warblers Point, can’t stand the fact that he lost his girl to pretty boy Booker James, aka The Sheila. After Murphy lost Fiona, he realized he wants her back in his life because he believes they belong together. He will do whatever it takes to make sure Fiona is back in his arms and as far away from the California boy as possible.

Watch how Murphy and Sophie take it upon themselves to not only seek revenge but get what they want at any cost, no matter who they hurt. The lives, relationships and sanity of the O’Leary family are tested, questioned and pushed to the brink in the second book of the Warblers Point Series: Beers, Lies and Alibis.


“I’m not like every other tourist that walks through this town, believe me.” He was getting so sick of her comparing him to everyone else. He was not like everyone else. If he was, he wouldn’t be in some small town in Vermont searching for happiness. Almost everyone found happiness in a sunny fantastic place like Hollywood.  

She just shrugged his comment off, even though she had a hurt look on her face, from what he didn’t know. He knew his voice sounded a little harsh, but nothing to send such pain through those bourbon-colored eyes. Sensing he wanted to lighten the mood, she scanned him up and down. “That is quite the costume.” 

He countered, “Like you have room to talk.” He gave her the once-over as well, lingering a little too long on her breasts. “I thought I felt my jaw hit the ground when I first saw you. You look fucking hot. Excuse my language, but damn.” 

His comment made her finally succumb and deliver that gorgeous smile of hers. That was more like it, he thought.  

“I could say the same about you.” She fiddled with the buttons on his shirt that were too close to his southern region. “You know, there are buttons on this thing, you don’t have to have your shirt open like that.” 

He chuckled. “You know they make costumes that cover more of your girly bits.” 

“Touché,” she giggled. “Seriously though, where did you get that outfit? It looks familiar.” 

“Your mom, she insisted I wear a costume and this is what she came up with at the last minute and I can’t disappoint Mary Margaret; she controls my bacon portions.” 

She laughed hard at that one. “Yes, don’t want her skimping out on your bacon intake, heaven forbid.”  

“I’m telling you, she makes the best bacon I’ve ever had, and I’ve had plenty of bacon. I don’t know what she does, but it’s fantastic. She has now limited me to three pieces at breakfast. She said she didn’t want to be responsible for clogging my arteries.”

When I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn't take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, besides “The Notebook” I made time to read the heartbreaking novel.

It wasn't until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down. When looking for books, I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven’t turned back since.

You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation.

I am currently residing in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner. I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four-legged children.

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Spring Fling: Author Interview with Alannah Lynne

Today I have Alannah Lynne, author of the Heat Wave series, joining me to celebrate Spring Fling week. I hope you all have enjoyed learning more about your favorite authors and getting introduced to some who may be newer to you. 

Tomorrow we will be moving Spring Fling over to Facebook and will be partying from 10-5 Eastern time. We have some great authors popping in throughout the day so trust me when I say you do not want to miss this!

Now without further ado I bring to you Miss Alannah Lynne....

1. Hi Alannah! Thank you for joining us at Bottles & Books Reviews today. Can you share a little bit about yourself with readers?

Hi Jessica, thanks for letting me participate in your spring fling! I write the sexy, and sometimes erotic, contemporary romance Heat Wave series. All of my stories are set along the North and South Carolina coasts, because that's where I live, and my favorite get-away spot is Myrtle Beach. I'm married to my real-life hero and have two adult sons.

2. Up to date, what have you written?

I have an erotic BDSM Novella out with Samhain ("Reaction Time" - released in December 2008), and there are currently four books in the Heat Wave series. "Savin' Me" (A Heat Wave Novel), "Last Call" (Heat Wave Series Book 2), "Crossing Lines" (Heat Wave Series Book 3), and "A Christmas Heat Wave." I'm currently writing "Going All In" (Heat Wave Series Book 4). I had scheduled the release date for May, but due to a rewrite, I might have to push that back.

3. When you are not writing, what do you enjoying doing?

I joke about this a lot, but sadly, it's true. I love napping. I excel at napping! LOL I also like working in my yard and container gardening. I'm a NASCAR fan, although, the last few years I've kind of lost interest. Changes to the cars have made racing a little more competitive this year, so I'm paying more attention than I have the past couple of years. I'm a huge college football fan - Go Buckeyes - and I also enjoy college basketball - Go Arizona Wildcats! :D

4. Do you have a writing schedule? 

No, not really. But I should. I don't have a lot of self-discipline, so a set schedule gets me at the computer better than anything. However, I'm also ADD, so keeping myself at the computer is another battle entirely.

5. When writing is there a special trinket, certain music, or a ritual you have to have or do? 

I can't have music with words playing, but I do like listening to New Age music. A lot of times, I'll have the race or a football/basketball game playing, just for company, but I don't really watch them when I'm writing. I also leave The Weather Channel playing a lot of times (thank God Directv brought back the REAL Weather Channel!), or sometimes I'll play old episodes of NCIS. I've seen them all so many times I know them by heart, so I'm not really distracted by them. It's more like hanging out with old friends. 

6. What has been your favorite book to write so far?

Hmmm... this is like asking me to pick a favorite child. I think "Last Call" is my favorite over-all book, but Kevin Mazze (Crossing Lines) is my favorite hero. Please don't tell Erik (Saivn' Me), I'll never hear the end of it! <g>

7. When you were growing up what did you want to be?

A race car driver, or to one day take over my dad's construction company. Yeah, there's a lot of Sam (Crossing Lines) in me. LOL 

8. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Why?

All of my life, I've thought it would be cool to write books, because I've always loved to read! But I thought I needed to have a special degree in order to do that. It wasn't until I met a wonderful group of women called The Plotmonkeys (Janelle Denison, Carly Phillips, Leslie Kelly, Julie Leto) that I discovered a passion for romance. I always say I owe Janelle everything, but it's true! Her books were the first romances I read, and after reading the introduction to "Too Wilde To Tame," I became fascinated with the process of writing and decided to give it a go. All four of them have been incredibly kind and supportive over the years, but Janelle has really taken me under her wing and been an amazing mentor and friend. 

9. Do you have any upcoming books being released this year?

We recently bought back our old house (we were gone 8 years). I promised my husband if we bought it back, I'd release at least 3 new books each year to help pay for it. So yes, I have three coming out! LOL I just don't have solid release dates yet. Your followers can sign up for my newsletter - http://alannahlynne.com/contact.html#newsletter - and they'll be notified when I have new releases coming out. I rarely send out newsletters, only with new releases, so don't be worried about getting spammed. :-)

10. What is your favorite motivational phrase or favorite quote? 

I have 2. The first is by Henry David Thoreau. "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hour." 

The second is by Deepak Chopra - "You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible."

11. If you could tell the you of 12 years ago anything, what would it be?

Have more faith and belief in yourself. Listen to your inner voice and follow it! Always!

12. What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Just keep writing. Even when you don't want to, even when you feel like the story is crap, or inspiration seems to have taken a permanent vacation, sit down and write. You can edit crap, you can't edit a blank page. I need to follow this advice more myself! 

13. Where can readers find out more about you and your work? 

My website is alannahlynne.com. I have two facebook pages: facebook.com/alannahlynne or facebook.com/authoralannahlynne. I'm also on twitter, but not very often. LOL twitter.com/alannahlynne

Would you rather speak everything that is on your mind or never speak again? Oh, just try to hold me back! LOL
Would you rather take a freezing cold shower or sleep an hour less? An hour less sleep! I love sleep, but I despise the cold.
Would you rather be 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall? Eight feet tall
Would you rather be a tree or live in a tree? Live in a tree... have you seen some of the cool tree houses they can make these days?
Would you rather have a kangaroo or a koala as a pet? koala bear, they're so cute!
Would you rather not be able to use your phone or your email? *gasp* Seriously? I've broken out in hives just thinking about this question! I can't possibly answer this. LOL
Would you rather live without music or TV? Live without TV... gotta have my music. :-)

Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing? Tehe... X-ray vision... 

Alannah Lynne is giving away two ecopies of Last Call, book #2 in the Heat Wave series. If you haven't read Savin' Me, book #1 in the series, you can get it for free on Amazon. To enter to win, leave Alannah a big thank you for joining me today and share with us your favorite quote. Don't forget to leave your email address! Winner will be chosen via Random on Monday.

You have another chance to win an ecopy of Last Call tomorrow at the Spring Fling Facebook party. Hope to see you all there ;)

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Spring Fling: Interview & Guest Blog by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Today I have a double treat for all you readers! I have Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, author of Unfinished Business & Unbreakable Bonds, with me today for an interview and to share a guest post she has written. I must warn readers that after reading Carolyn's blog post I have been scouring Pinterest like crazy for ideas ;) 


B&BR: Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for joining us today. Can you please tell readers a little bit about yourself?
CRA:  Thanks for having me! A little about me...this is always hard because I suddenly forget most everything about myself. It's like stage freight without the stage. Let's see...I'm a former sales executive and now do freelance writing from home. I left the 'corporate world' in 2001 shortly after September 11th because my husband and I both traveled and I just didn't want to be away from my kids. Now that they're older (the girls are in their 20's and the boy is 15) I sometimes want to run far away! I love them but yikes, girls have a lot of drama! I now write for about 6 local media outlets. I've considered trying to 'go bigger' with my freelance work and hit bigger magazines and such but honestly, these assignments are weekly and just enough to still allow me to write my fiction stuff. Oh, and I'm a certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor though lately I've been too busy writing to focus on my own health. Not good, Carolyn. Not good. I'm still happily married and really, I'm pretty lucky with the guy I have—even though he snores. :)

B&BR: What books have you written up to date?
CRA: I've written three books and one novella. Well, wait. I've had three books and one novella published. I've written more. I've got Unfinished Business and Unbreakable Bonds, both of the Angela Panther series and those are published through Booktrope. I've also got a eating plan book called The Quick Start Weight Loss Program which is self published but getting a rehab and being published through BookTrope. Then I've got a novella, Santa's Gift, which is self published and also published in a compilaton book called Merry Chick Lit-Celebrate the Season with Six Sassy Shorts. That one is a book for the charity Rocking the Road for a Cure. All proceeds the authors would make on that (there are six of us) goes to that charity so we're hoping it will sell again over the holiday season.

B&BR: What gave you the inspiration for the sassy, witty, & humorous Angela Panther?
CRA: The Angela series initially started out as a one book thing but ended up being a series. Initially the character was modeled after me, because of the story behind the story of the book. (I'll elaborate on that more in the next question!)

B&BR: I love Angela’s mother, Fran. Is the character based on anyone you know?
CRA: Fran is based on this wonderful, fabulous, frustrating-made-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out woman, my mom. She died in 2009 from lung cancer and as I struggled through the mourning process, I wanted her back obviously, so I wrote a book with a character that was very much like her. Considering my mother isn't alive, I decided to make Fran a ghost. That way she can do all of the things my mother would do if I could see her. The story itself is based on things that happened after her death, but I don't want to give it away by discussing it. Because it's got a lot of truth to it, each of the characters strongly resembles people in my life. I have two daughters and in the books, Angela has one, so I mushed my daughters together and made them Emily because honestly, sometimes one daughter is enough. :) 

B&BR: For those who have read your books we know Angela and Mel love cupcakes. What is your favorite kind of cupcake?
CRA: I'm not sure I can answer that. Picking just ONE is not an easy thing to do. I guess, if I had to pick a few I'd go with Snickers cupcakes and red velvet but the red velvet has to have a middle with the cream cheese frosting in it or it's just not the same.

B&BR: As a child growing up, what did you want to be? What was your favorite toy?
CRA: As a kid, I wanted to be Kris Munroe one Charlie's Angels. Then I wanted to be Sandy from Grease. When I realized that wasn't possible, I just wanted to be older. Finally, I got a little older and in high school decided I wanted to be a cop. I was accepted into the police academy, did my time and worked as a campus cop briefly and hated it. After that I really didn't know what I wanted to be so I just got a job and ended up in sales. I did very well but I wouldn't go back to that. I'm not interested in working 60 hours or more a week and being so aggressive anymore. I guess that's where the feeling old thing comes in.
        As for my favorite toy...honestly, when I was really young, I'd go with the Baby Tender Love doll. You could feed her and she peed. That fascinated me! I loved Barbie but my brother always broke their legs off (he's in the books, too and has a similar personality still in them!) so they never lasted long. I read a lot and loved the Judy Blume books. Her book, Forever was so taboo back then. It's funny to think about now!

B&BR: What is your favorite quote?
CRA:  "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". The reason? I know that everyone has their own personal struggles and I'm not saying mine are worse or more important than anyone else's. I do feel though, that the things I've been through have shaped me and created the person I am today. There have been times I've wanted to crawl under a rock and not come out but I've been able to pick myself up and move forward, so that quote seems to fit for me.

B&BR: What writers have influenced you?
CRA:  My favorite writer is the late Robert B. Parker. He wrote the Spenser series...if someone is my age, they may remember the Spenser For Hire TV series, which was based on the books. Parker had a way of saying a lot with very few words and I try hard to do the same thing. He was mostly all about dialog, as I am. To be able to craft a story like he did would be a major accomplishment for me. I'm also a huge fan of Harlan Coben and Robert Crais. I met Harlan Coben once and prior to that we emailed often, before he became hugely popular and was just popular. He's a very nice guy. Never once told him I had aspirations to write though because I didn't want him to think that's why I'd exchanged emails. The three of them have great wit and senses of human and tell stories well. That's what I admire most.

B&BR: What are three books you have recently read and would recommend to others?
CRA: I recently read a book of three short stories by a woman named k.c. wilder. She actually wrote one of the novellas in the Merry Chick Lit book. She's really a fantastic writer and I think people would love her. She's got a romance element to her stories and though I don't typically read romance, she does it well. She's going to be famous someday. I'm calling it now.  I'm also a big, big fan of Lisa Scottoline and I've just finished her most recent book Keep Quiet. It's a great book.  As for the third, gosh...I don't remember. It was probably two weeks ago and seriously, I can't remember that far. I read so much, though not as much as I used to since I'm writing much more now. I think it was the latest Janet Evanovich book in the Stephanie Plum series...number 723? :)

B&BR: Do you have a new book in the works?
CRA: I have three. One is a children's book that's already written. I have a wonderful illustrator also and we're working on getting the book out. I have a cozy mystery too, that's about 1/2 of the way finished. It's a new series with a reporter character that, during the process of her crime reporting, investigates and solves them. It's got a romantic element to it, so I'm hoping the romance readers will like it. The book is called Death On A Deadline. Booktrope should have it released after the first of next year. I'm also working on the third Angela Panther book. I'm really, really excited about this one, too. I'm just in the beginning stages but hope it will be out by the end of the this year.

B&BR: What are some of your hobbies?
CRA:  Hobbies? What's that? Now that I'm trying to get my books out, all I do is market. Is that a hobby? Just kidding. I am odd when it comes to hobbies. I'll do something for a month or two and then totally lose interest and move on. Right now it's scrapbooking. I like to make them, but don't do anything with them. What's up with that?
        Reading USED to be a hobby but now by the time I'm able to read, my eyes ache from looking at the computer so I don't get as much done as I'd like.  I have recently discovered the 'use a mason jar for anything' obsession on Pinterest and am feeling the nudge toward that. Who knew there were so many things you could do with a mason jar? Seriously!

B&BR: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
CRA: Everyone would say 'write' and yes, that's true but if someone wants to write and publish, my suggestion would be to start marketing yourself and building a fan base before that book is even out because if you think it's going to sell once it's published and you've just started marketing, you'll be bummed. It's all about exposure. I'm still trying to get there. It's a lot of work.

B&BR: If you could tell the you of 8 years ago anything, what would it be?
CRA:  "Stop putting off what you want to do and just do it for crying out loud." It relates to many things in my life from eight years ago.

B&BR: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?
CRA: I'm on Amazon Central and Goodreads but I have a website, http://carolynridderaspenson.com and have a FB page, www.facebook.com/carolynridderaspensonauthor as well as a Google+ account under Carolyn Ridder Aspenson and a Twitter account @awritingwoman. Let's chat! I'm trying to get this social media thing down but pretty much stink at it still!

Cat or dog? I have both but I relate to dogs best. I love my cat but she's not as personally attached as my dogs.
Books or movies? Books now because I'm not at all into the YA paranormal movie phase or the sci-fi thing at all.  I miss a good chick flick.
Flowers or chocolate? Flowers make me sneeze. Chocolate makes me happy.  
Fall or spring? Fall. Except for the allergy part of it.
Chinese or Italian food? Considering I'm Italian (though I can't cook well at all) and Chinese food is not accepted by my stomach, I'll say Italian.
Cupcakes or ice-cream? Both. Why should I be picky and just choose one?
Romance or comedy? I'm  a romantic comedy gal.
Soda or juice? Diet Crack. Er, uh...Diet Coke. Whoops. Oh! That reminds me, I bought one at Target today and left it in my car! Going to get it now...

"This story captures how a real housewife would likely feel if her dead mother popped up and
became a regular part of her life. Angela does her best to muddle through with life throwing her
curveballs. There are plenty of moments of laugh-out-loud absurdity and interesting ghost trivia to
entertain readers." - Sarka-Jonae Miller, Amazon Bestselling Author of Between Boyfriends 

My Latest Obsession
Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

I am a true blood 'Type A' personality. I like order and structure. No, that's not quite true. I love order and structure. I make lists. If I have a plan to do something, say write in my work in progress, and I'm doing it in a room I wouldn't normally write in, that room has to be a certain way before I can start. If something doesn't feel right, I can't function properly.  I didn't used to be this bad but as I've matured it's become worse.

I drive myself freaking insane.

Sometimes though, my OCD/anal retentiveness taps into something fun or something I enjoy and I don't much care if I'm ridiculously focused. A few years ago it was jewelry. I made enough jewelry to open my own boutique. Even considered that but soon that hobby died. Next up was making cards. I made so many cards I had to give boxes of them away. From there I moved on to mini scrapbooks. I have about thirty of those now. Nothing's in them because I don't want to use them. I just want to make them. I dropped that hobby too. I'm like a middle school girl just starting to like boys. For that moment, all I can think about is that one specific thing. All I want to do is that one specific thing and them BAM! I lose interest and I'm on to the next one specific thing.

I'm sure my husband wishes that my OCD would latch onto having sex. He'd be the happiest boy in town if that happened—even if it only lasted a week.

After mini scrapbooks I hit on bookmarks. Then it was handmade marketing materials for my books. I've touched on mini scrapbooks again a bit but right now, I'm seriously jonesing to tackle the case of Mason jars I bought and do something with those.

Pinterest is going to be the death of me.
Have you seen the stuff you can make with Mason jars? Who wouldn't be obsessed?
Check this stuff out!

So I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at all of the amazing things create with a little glass jar and I want to do them all. Here's the problem. I'm not sure which one to do.

There are endless options. Candle holders, craft holders, beauty supply holders, key holders, photo frames (yes, really, photo frames), jewelry holders, planters, centerpieces, etc. etc. etc. The problem is, I have very little space to add any knick-knacks in my home. I'm not opposed to removing things and am strongly considering that option. Seriously, how many pictures of my kids do I need? I know what they look like. Mason jars, however can look a variety of different ways so maybe I should toss the photos in a box and dedicate my family room to Mason jar decor? Considering the fact that a Mason jar has never rolled its eyes at me or smarted off to me, how can that not be a good idea?

Just writing this guest post makes me want to hurry up and finish it so I can run to Michael's and get something to decorate my jars. Maybe some twine or burlap or pebbles. Really, the options are endless. Sadly, my bank account isn't.

Am I the only Type A person who does this or is there someone else out there with a hobby that's filled their house or garage or yard? Do you like Mason jars as much as I do or is my husband right and I have serious issues?

If you've got a hobby or thing you're a little OCD about, leave a comment and let me know. Who knows, it may end up replacing the Mason jars in my life. 

Today Carolyn is giving readers a chance to win an e-copy of Unfinished Business, the first book in her Angela Panter series. To enter to win, leave a comment here giving Carolyn a big thank you and share your thoughts...Pinterest: love it or hate it? What's your latest addiction or project thanks to Pinterest? Don't forget to leave your email address! Winner will be chosen via Random on Monday :)

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Spring Fling: Guest Blog by Duffy Brown

     Joining us in Spring Fling week today is Duffy Brown, author of the Consignment Shop Mysteries series, joins us with a special guest blog! Duffy's main character, Reagan, is going to teach us all a little something about scoring the best deal ever. A big welcome to Reagan Summerside and a big thank you to Duffy!

You can learn more about the Consignment Shop Mysteries series at http://www.duffybrown.com/

Scoring the best deal ever!

Reagan Summerside here, the owner of the Prissy Fox in the Consignment Shop mystery series.

Consignment shopping is the fun of wearing designer clothes on the cheap. I could never afford a Coach handbag or an Armani jacket but when married to Hollis...my no-good, rotten, low-rent, cheating ex...I had to look nice. His slogan was you had to look successful to be successful. For me the best part was bragging to my friends how much I paid for my designer outfits! The conversation went something like, “Oh, isn’t that a great Kate Spade purse.” And my reply would be, “I got it on eBay or a consignment shop for forty bucks!” instead of the usual three-hundred and fifty!

     For years I shopped consignment stores and now that I need money to pay bills on my partially-restored Victorian, I decided I’d resell all those Hollis clothes I no long need. I’ve opened a consignment shop of my very own here in Savannah, the Prissy Fox.

     Don’t you love the name Prissy Fox! Auntie KiKi came up with the name and she also helps me run the place so I can go out and find who murdered my ex’s Cupcake that he kicked me to the curb for.

And why would I do that when I’d rather see the philandering jerk rot in jail for all eternity? Because if I don’t find the real killer Hollis will sell my beloved Victoria to pay legal fees to that jackass, Walker Boone, to get him off.

Now why would I think Walker Boone is jackass, because he’s the one who took me to the cleaners in my divorce from my ex. So many totally crappy guys in my life!

     But I do like running the Prissy Fox. Consignment shopping is a lot like solving a mystery. It’s all about the hunt for the perfect scarf, skirt or shoes. I think that’s why mystery and the Consignment: Murder series seemed like a perfect fit. The hunt is on!

     So what about you? What stores in your neck of the woods do you shop for deals? Is there one deal that was your all-time best score that you still have bragging rights on?

Duffy Brown is giving two lucky readers a chance to win a Pearls & Poison tote bag. For your chance to win give Duffy & Reagan a big thank you and leave the answer to one or both of Reagan's questions - What stores in your neck of the woods do you shop for deals? Is there one deal that was your all-time best score that you still have bragging rights on? -Don't forget to leave your email address also! :) Winners will be chosen on Monday via Random.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Fling: Author Interview with Natalie-Nicole Bates

Today I am thrilled to have Natalie-Nicole Bates joining me for Spring Fling week. Natalie-Nicole is an amazing talent and I am proud to be a member of her street team and help promote her books. 

      B&BR: Hi Natalie-Nicole. Thank you so much for joining me today at Bottles & Books Reviews. Can you tell readers a little about yourself?

N-NB: I was born in Russia, but currently live in the United Kingdom. I write contemporary and paranormal romance, and have been published for over two years.

      B&BR: What books have you written up to date?

N-NB: Contemporaries ~ Back to You, Change of Address, Come Full Circle
Paranormal ~ Sara-Kate’s Spirit, See Me, Remember the Stars (short novella), Antique Charming (short story)
Romantic Suspense ~ The Heart of the Hunter
      B&BR: Where do you find inspiration for your books?

N-NB: I find inspiration just about everywhere- everyday life, dreams, the news, nature, inspiration is everywhere!

      B&BR: Out of the books you have written, what is your favorite?

N-NB: I think I would have to say that See Me, my paranormal romance novella, is my favorite. I really connected to the characters and still think of them often. Come Full Circle is probably second, that story was so effortless to write.

      B&BR: Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect and how did you get started?
I collect Victorian era photography. I’ve been collecting for several years now. I just feel there is a beauty in black and white. I also collect post mortem Victorian, which makes a lot of people uncomfortable. But again, there is a certain kind of beauty that was appreciated decades ago that is more or less shunned now. I also collect sea glass and sea pottery.

6    B&BR: What are four things you can’t leave the house without?

N-NB: Keys, cell phone, money, lipstick

      B&BR: Growing up as a child, what did you want to be?

N-NB: I was always interested and enjoyed writing, but for a while I wanted to be a doctor, then a funeral director. The story behind the funeral director is that I actually graduate next month with a degree in mortuary science. I can’t practice anything hands on, so to speak, I’m allergic to just about every chemical used. Just bad luck.

     B&BR: If you could have dinner with any author, dead or alive, who would it be? What would you ask them?

N-NB: I’m absolutely enthralled with the late Jacqueline Susann. A few years ago, someone gave me a copy of Valley of the Dolls, and said, you gotta read it! It was amazing! An absolute life changing piece of fiction. To me, even though the book takes place between the end of World War 2 and the 1960’s, it is still relevant today. Jacqueline Susann led a very decadent life, and the characters in the book are rumored to be based on actual celebs of that era. I would love to hear all about the inspirations for the book. Oh, and don’t be swayed by any of the television or movie versions of Valley of the Dolls that have been released over the years—they do not accurately portray the book.

      B&BR: Do you have plans for a new book?

N-NB: I just finished the next book in my RISE series. I’m currently working on book #3 in my Unity series, Amii’s Angel.

      B&BR:  What are you currently reading?

N-NB:  Actually, I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but nothing!

      B&BR: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

N-NB: My advice is always the same—seek out a comprehensive course in novel writing. Preferably, one with a published author mentor. I can’t tell you how many new writers I have seen fall because they don’t understand the entire process of novel writing, especially point of view.

      B&BR: If you could tell the you of 10 years ago anything, what would it be?

N-NB: Before you trust anyone, make sure they are worth that trust. Only trust when they have proved they are trust-worthy.

      B&BR:  Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

N-NB: Twitter: @BatesNatalie

Favorite flower? Roses
Favorite movie? Crimes and Misdemeanors
Favorite motivational phrase? Keep it real
Favorite TV show? Mike & Molly
Favorite vacation spot? Spain
Favorite drink? Blackberry tea
Favorite ice-cream? Pistachio
Favorite singer or band? Depends on the day and the mood—currently, I’m loving Pop Evil.

Favorite hobby? Collecting Victorian era photography.

B&BR: Thank you for joining me today and taking part in Spring Fling week! It was a delight  to interview you. 


Natalie-Nicole can't live the house without her keys, cell phone, money or lipstick. To enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card, leave Natalie-Nicole a big thank you and let us know what 4 things you can't leave the house without along with your email address. Winner will be chosen by Random on Monday, April 28th.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1st Annual Spring Fling kick-off: Author Interview with Lee Strauss

Due to the flu running rampage through my house over the weekend and my 15 month old now catching it, Spring Fling is a day late. No worries though, there is still lots of fun to be had!

What is Spring Fling? Bottles & Books 1st Annual Spring Fling is a week long event featuring a different author daily on the blog with author interviews and guest blogs along with some awesome giveaways. On Sunday, April 27th, we will move the party over to Facebook where authors will be taking over all day to bring some fun & games your way! You can join the fun HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1434315103476654/?ref=ts&fref=ts

& now without further ado....A big welcome to LEE STRAUSS, our first author of Spring Fling.

B&BR: Hi Lee! Thank you for joining us in kicking off Spring Fling week at Bottles & Books Reviews. Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
LS: I'm the author of the Minstrel Series (contemporary romance), the Perception Series (young adult dystopian) and young adult historical fiction. I also write younger YA fantasy as Elle Strauss.  I'm a married mother of four; I sometimes live in Canada and sometimes Germany; I'm fond of dark chocolate, and soy lattes; I like yoga, cycling and hiking in good weather.

B&BR: What have you written up to date?
LS:As Elle Strauss I've written The Clockwise series (YA time travel), Seaweed (Merfolk) and Love, Tink (Tinkerbell adaptation). As Lee Strauss I've written The Perception Series YA dystopian) The Minstrel Series (Contemporary Romance) Playing with Matches (WW2), Jars of Clay (Ancient Rome) and East of Eden (Contemporary Romance)

B&BR: Your newest series, The Minstrel Series, is based around the lives of musicians and include original music written for the books. What was your inspiration for this series?
LS: One day my musician husband and I just randomly started talking about the idea of working on a project together - wouldn't it be great if we could collaborate and merge our two artistic worlds? Writing and Music? That was the seed that started the muse talking, and soon afterward The Minstrel Series was born!
B&BR: What are the top five books that affected you in some way? 
LS: The Bible, Pride & Prejudice, The Dwelling Place by Catherine Cookson, A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton, The Cay by Theodore Taylor

B&BR: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Why?
LS: You could say I was a late bloomer. I didn't start writing until after my four children were born. It started as a way for me to express my creativity with something my kids couldn't get into :)

B&BR: Do you write daily? Do you stick to a writing schedule?
LS: I work 6 days a week on publishing. A lot of that time is for writing, but it flexes with what the needs of the day are.

B&BR: Do you have a special spot where you like to do your writing? 
LS: I usually write in a comfortable chair with my feet up.

B&BR: If you weren't a writer what do you think you would be doing?
LS: I don't know. I hope I don't have to answer that question. :)

B&BR: When reading, do you prefer ebooks, paperback books or hardback books?
LS: I love my kindle fire, so ebooks!

B&BR: Are you currently reading anything? If so, what?
LS: I'm ALWAYS reading. At the moment I'm reading A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles

B&BR: What advice would you give an inspiring author?
LS: Learn the business, because that's what it is. If you plan to sell your work, then you are a small business person.

B&BR: If you could tell the you of 15 years ago anything, what would it be?
LS: Believe in yourself. Don't let the publishing industry get in your way.

B&BR: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Favorite book: Pride & Prejudice
Favorite movie: Pride & Prejudice (hello?)
Favorite color: red
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite drink: soy latte
Favorite animal: cat

B&BR: Thank you so much for answering some questions for us readers today, Lee! 

Lee Strauss is currently reading A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles. To win a e-copy of Lee's book, Flesh & Bone, comment here with a big thank you to Lee & tell us what you are currently reading along with your email address. If you do not want to leave your email address, you can message it to me at BottlesAndBooksReviews@aol.com. Winner will be chosen by Random on Monday.