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Audible Giveaway + Spotlight: The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

The Thrill of It, the first book in the No Regrets series by Lauren Blakey, is available as an audio book now. 

You can now listen to Trey and Harley's story as you get caught up in a whirlwind of angst and passion. 

A new adult story of Love. Sex. Addiction. Blackmail. And Power...

Some say love can be an addiction. Others say it's the thing that makes life worth living. Let me tell you everything I know about love...Love isn't patient, love isn't kind. Love is a game, a chase. A thrill. Love is wild and war-like, and every man and woman must fight for themselves. At least that's how it was for me. A high-priced virgin call girl by the time I started college, I was addicted to love and to sex. Even though I've never had either. I controlled love, played it, and held the world in the palm of my hands. Then I fell down from those highs, and I'm being blackmailed for all my mistakes, forced to keep secrets from everyone, except the only guy I don't regret.


With all the other women, I knew what they were. They were temporary. They were pills, they were bottles, they took away all the pain, and numbed the awful memories that wore down my ragged, wasted heart. Until I met Harley. She's the only girl I ever missed when she walked away. But now she's back in my life, every day, and there are no guarantees for us, especially since I don't know how to tell her my secrets. What happened to my family. All I know is she's the closest I've ever come to something real, and I want to feel every second of it.

How can you love with no regrets when regret is all you know?

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Audible Details:

  • Written by: Lauren Blakely
  • Narrated by: Erin Mallon
  • Length: 8 hrs and 28 mins 
  • Format: Unabridged

  • Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He's Mine, Playing With Her Heart, Trophy Husband, Far Too Tempting, The Thrill of It, Every Second With You and Night After Night. Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in TROPHY HUSBAND, she thinks life should be filled with hot men, cool clothes, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.

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For a limited time, the Seductive Nights Trilogy is on sale for $2.99
Grab it for this amazing price while the sale lasts!

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Release Day Blitz: Audrey Exposed by Roxy Queen

Audrey Exposed
Author: Roxy Queen
Genre: Erotic Romance
For Audrey her body is her worst enemy. For Graham it’s his biggest temptation.

With his assistance she must embark on a journey to conquer her fears by allowing herself to discover feelings of pleasure, the power of her body and the thrill of sex.

With each revelation they sink deeper into one another, merging into the other’s lives in and outside their protective bubble.

There’s only one goal. One objective and together they’ll break new ground, layer by layer, until Audrey’s exposed.


I wipe my hands on my dress, staring at the numbers 806 on the gold metal plate. This is it, Audrey. You’ll walk in that door a girl and eventually come out a woman.
“I’m such a loser,” I mumble to myself, and twist the doorknob.
A man hops up from the love seat when I enter. He has dark hair and a defined, closely shaved jaw. He’s handsome, definitely not smelly or gross, and strangely familiar.
“Have we met before?” I blurt, trying to place him.
“Um… I don’t think so,” he says, flashing a heart-stopping smile. His eyes meet mine and they’re bluer than blue. Henry Cavill.
“Oh, I saw you going up the elevator last week.”
“Right. Of course, I remember that,” he says with an even brighter smile. Adorable dimples appear on his cheeks. He holds out his hand. “You were loitering in the lobby. I’m Graham.”
 I remember why I’m here and my face burns, surely, turning bright red. I take his hand anyway and say, “Audrey.”
“Right,” I repeat feeling like an idiot.
“Would you like to sit down?” he asks.
“I guess so, thanks.” I take the same spot as the other day but this time I sit in the middle, hoping he doesn’t try to sit next to me. What am I doing here?
Graham sits across from me and says, “I know this is all new for you, but please don’t be uncomfortable. Dr. Markson has told me all about your situation and I just want to help. I think together we have a really good chance of defeating your anxiety.”
His speech is so sincere and he’s giving me the most empathetic smile. I want to die of humiliation. Covering my face with my hands, I groan. “Oh God, this is so embarrassing.”
“Because you know I’m a defective misfit; and you’re here to help me with something I never share with anyone. Like ever, yet you’re just talking about it like its normal.”
“It’s your normal,” he says.
“Yeah. Whatever.” I cross my arms over my chest and nervously look around the room, anywhere but at him. I notice a small black journal on the coffee table. “What’s that?”
“Those are our instructions and guidelines for the day.” He picks the book up, and says, “Want me to read them?”
My stomach burns from anxiety. I want run from the room and never look back. “I guess we may as well see what this is all about.”


Roxy Queen

Roxy lives in the south with her family, two dogs and a semi-feral cat. Her office window looks over a tree-fort and she secretly obsess over the college-aged neighbor down the street, zombies and how much glitter is too much (answer: there's no such thing). All of her books are rooted in a glimmer of reality with a heap of fiction.

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Blog Tour: Blackrock Series by Elizabeth Kelly

Bailey and Summer have been best friends since they were three years old but on Summer’s nineteenth birthday tragedy strikes, changing the life of Bailey Mortenson forever. The only thing left for her to do is run, run far away. 

Finding solace in the town of Blackrock her world is quickly turned upside down by a chance meeting with Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. With a grief stricken heart and trying to settle into a new town can Bailey find the happiness she deserves ? 

Knox Porter , Tall Dark and handsome, plays the guitar like its on fire. Has cut himself off from ever allowing another girl to betray him again. Trusting no one only his twin brother Max , Knox’s life is about to get a little bit crazy as his closed off heart beats into life when his eyes lock on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. 

Will Bailey and Knox get over their own pain and heartache and finally let love in? Or will tragedy strike again leaving them both broken and lonely? 

Scarring their hearts one more time.

What do you do when the girl you love stops breathing in your arms?

When life kicks you while you are down? 

You get up and fight, fight like hell!

After struggling to put their pasts behind them and take a chance on each other, Knox and Bailey begin to move forward in their relationship.
But the past always has a way of catching up with you…….

On a trip back home to Grove for spring break, that’s just what happens to Bailey. Her past catches up with her, the sender of the dead roses reveals himself while making good on his threats. Sending Knox Porter into a place he never thought to be again…sitting in a graveyard, this time with the still body of the love of his life in his arms.

Join Bailey, Knox, Max and Paige as their lives evolve and change throughout this book. Each dealing with their own difficulties and each finding solutions that will, either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

I am about to tease him, when we are interrupted by a young thirty something guy who, looks like a Ken doll.

“Frank, nice to see you again,” he drawls with a southern accent. Shaking my dad’s hand, my dad smiles and makes polite conversation all the while this guy is eyeballing me from head to toe,

“And you must be?” he asks extending his hand my way. Taking his hand it feels smooth, too smooth like he uses lotion all the time.

“Bailey and you are?” I ask dropping his too perfect hand.

He smiles at me with nothing but pure lust in his eyes. “Andres,” he replies, wetting his lips with his tongue still eye-fucking me. “Would you like a drink, Bailey?” My name drips off his lips like honey and I won’t lie, it gets my stomach coiling but I raise my already full glass and smile.

My dad excuses himself again and I want to reach out and slap him for leaving me with Ken but here I am, alone with a real life doll. His sandy blond hair parted to the side, his skin is tanned like he has spent the last few weeks on an exotic beach and his smile a little too wide for his face, but his perfectly straight white teeth gleam at me. He stands staring at my chest without any hint of embarrassment but an amused lust filled expression playing across his features,

 “I should probably get going,” I announce, feeling altogether uncomfortable and slightly turned on in his presence.

“Can I give you a ride?”

My breath hitches in my throat as he smirks at his own double meaning. “No thank you. I drove.”

Taking my elbow he leads me behind a big fake bush just at the end of the bar. Leaning down, I can smell his cologne, a musky heady scent.

“Why don’t you and I go somewhere more private?” His voice laced with desire rolls over me like a warm summer breeze heating my very core. My eyes flutter as my lips part slightly. I feel drunk, intoxicated on lust or the promise of it. Ken doll’s hand leaves my elbow and rests on the small of my back with his fingers spreading down to the top of my ass as he steps closer to me.

I look into his hazel eyes and feel trapped he is too close and his scent is making me dizzy, or maybe that is the blood pounding in my ears as my heart jackhammers in my chest. Ken leans closer again so his nose skims my neck.

“Darling,” he says and I jump back like I have been shocked.

Breathing hard I glare at him. “Excuse me, I have to go.” Turning on my heel I walk over to my dad. “Dad, I’m leaving. Walk me out?” I hold onto my dad like he is my lifeline and avoid Ken as he tries to catch up with us. I hand the valet my ticket and pray that he hurries.

“Okay sweetheart, I will see you in a week. I promise.” My dad hugs me and I don’t want to let go of him for fear of being alone if Ken comes out here. I hear my car before I see it and release my dad kissing his cheek.

“Night dad, love you.” Opening my purse, I give the valet ten dollars and jump inside driving out of the hotel to the small road before I readjust my seat.

My heart is pounding; I feel like I just stole a million dollars and got away with it. Ken was way too smooth and his perfect smooth hands, huh; I huff at myself but then imagine what it would feel like to have smooth hands roam my body. Would they make me feel the way Knox’s calloused fingers would?

Coming July/August 2014 

This is not a HEA.

This book is a companion Novella to the Blackrock series. 

Scarred Hearts & Taking Chances.

It deals with the last 9 months of Summer Anderson's life told from her POV. 


Do we ever know what it truly is? Is it in the hugs from a parent? 

In the laughter shared with a best friend? Or is it the words that slip from the lips of the boy you want to love you back? 

I don’t know, maybe it’s a combination of all three, or maybe just maybe - it’s in the eyes of the person staring back at you through the mirror. The person whom you need to love, in order love another. 

For me staring into the mirror only brings pain, regret, and shame. What I’ve done, the one thing I thought would give me love, brought nothing but shame. This person staring back at me…I don’t know who she is, I don’t know who I am anymore.

Love. Do we ever know what it is?

Scarred Hearts - Book One

After losing her best friend Bailey Mortenson is lost. With no definitive direction in sight, Bailey needs an escape. One that her father provides for her.

Moving to Blackrock wasn't in her plans but after taking in the town Bailey knows Blackrock holds the key to her happiness. And that key comes in the mighty fine form of Knox Porter.

Knox Porter is a tattooed, motorcycle driving bartender. A smoking one at that. And the best part? There's two of them! Knox is a twin!

When these two meet the sparks fly, the chemistry is off the charts, and their stubbornness leads to epic fights. All of which makes you love Bailey and Knox that much more. 

Bailey, beautiful and strong, learns how to let go without saying goodbye forever. She learns how to open up and share and the personal growth she undertakes from beginning to the end of the book is truly remarkable. 

Knox is the guy every girl dreams up. Tattooed, definite sex appeal, amazing good looks, and he has a motorcycle. What's not to love? The relationship between him and his twin brother, Max, is fantastic. The closeness of their bond is very touching. 

I love everything about Scarred Hearts - the plot, the characters, and the ending that left me craving for more. 

My only complaint about this book is minor: I wish the book had been more thoroughly edited. Due to editing I had to give Scarred Hearts 4 stars, but it truly is a 5 star worthy read.

Taking Chances - Book Two

Taking Chances continues where Scarred Hearts left off. Max and Paige are left deciding what happens next for them while Knox and Bailey are still their stubborn selves, fighting and making up.

While Max recovers Bailey and Knox are finding their footing within their relationship again. Both stubbron and hardheaded, neither of them like to admit they were wrong or take the first step.

While their relationship is not always smooth, their love for one another cannot be denied along with the fact they are better together than apart.

Their passion and chemistry is prominent in the book.

At one point Bailey has to face her past and at that moment she has the choices of letting it break her or being strong enough to heal her wounds and fight to have her life back. Her courage to fight after almost losing her life shows how strong and brave Bailey is, which is just another reason to admire her character.

Taking Chances is phenomenal from the continuing plot to the characters, the drama and romance. 

5 stars Bottles & Books Reviews!!

Was born and raised in Dublin Ireland (above pic) and immigrated to the United States in 2001. I now live in Southern California :) enjoying the blue skies. 
Why write books?
Well it has always been a dream of mine to write a book, I have written many stories but never finished them or hid them away. Last November with some encouragement from my little sister I wrote my first novel Scarred Hearts. I enjoyed writing that book so much it took me three weeks to finish it! :) 

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Blog Tour: Consolation Prize by Abbie St. Claire

A woman who knows that the only guy she ever loved was a cheater and a slime-ball, but hates the idea of being the last one of her friends to be single…

A man who spent years chasing the beauty queen and always coming in second, takes a bet from his friends for a little action.  Little does he know that when they up the ante, they also get to pick the girl…
That’s when Miss Pinkhaired Girl suddenly turns into Miss Blue Eyes

Flynn Davis had spent years waiting on Courtney to give up the chase for the crown and settle down to married life and babies. When they broke up, he thought maybe he’d missed his chance to have the family he always wanted, regardless of how hard his friends, Drew and Allen, tried to hook him up.

Chloe Howard had her heart broken at Moody’s Bar when she discovered her boyfriend cheating on her. She left with tears, he left with a beer in his face. Now, at 29, she’s convinced the only males that give her any attention are her four-legged patients and they can’t talk back.

A bachelorette party brings her to Moody’s Bar once again. A guys night out brings Flynn. Because of a bet, they’re matched up whether they want to be or not, despite how hard they fight it. If only she could remember what happened last night…

Chloe Howard has been single since she caught her ex cheating on her one night. Successful, beautiful, and smart she's the full package if only she would let someone in. A wild night out with friends leaves Chloe in over her head and head over heels.

Flynn Davis' ex left him 8 months ago to further her career. Even though he's not interested in hopping into bed with someone he accepts the bet his friends place on him. Go home with someone that night. They will pick the girl, not him. When they pick a pink haired beauty at a bachelorette party he could have never imagined what it would amount to.

Consolation Prize is a story of moving on and finding love and happiness. Well written with a good plot line and likable characters, Consolation Prize leaves you wanting more. From the very first page to the very last you will fall in love with this book and the characters.

Chloe, although she has been hurt is brave and confident with her pink hair and her lovable, down to earth personality Abbie St. Claire has written a character that we can all see a bit of ourselves in and love.

Consolation Prize is a great book worth reading. 

I'm a Texan through and through.

While I've lived in various parts of the state, Houston is home now, but Dallas is my favorite part of the state and Austin runs a close second. Let's hear it for the HORNS! 

The hubs and I enjoy having friends over and our place is kind of a hangout...of sorts. We cook and entertain together.

I want my stories to excite the reader. I love it when readers reach out to me.

I have several things planned for 2014. Up first will be my series of Hook-Ups with Ace's Key, Booty Call and Consolation Prize. 

I'm launching a standalone novella series called The KISS ME SERIES. Each novella will be sure to deliver snarky or wild and zainey or erotic twist to romance and perhaps a combo of all of it. First up is KISS ME-MY ASS guaranteed to get the temperature up, if you know what I mean. Releasing in August. It's going to be a party! 


There are over 20 books planned in this series, can be read in any order and all have an HEA. 

I am also writing a story for a HOT SUMMER NIGHTS anthology releasing in August.

Stay tuned, 2014 is going to be full of love in all the right places.

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