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Book Title: Malibu Betrayals 
Author: MK Meredith 
Genre: Select Contemporary 
Release Date: July 28, 2015 
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Book Blurb

Hollywood screenwriter Samantha Dekker spent the last year picking up the pieces after her husband's suicide. Along with grief, guilt, and tabloid hell, she's had to watch helplessly as the film industry slammed its doors in her face. Now Sam has the rarest of Hollywood opportunities—a second chance…working with the one man she swore never to see again.
Hunktastic A-lister Gage Cutler knows that Sam blamed him for his part in her husband's death. Still, Sam is the one woman he can never forget. All he wants is a second chance of his own—to prove he's not the player she remembers. And Malibu is the perfect backdrop to make a girl swoon.

Except they're not alone. Someone is watching Sam and Gage's steamy off-screen romance with the most dangerous of intentions…


“Tell me more about your feelings toward these crazy Cutler fans.”

Ignoring him, she looked him over from across the table, and purposely biting her lower lip, pushed her silverware around and then lined each piece up in straight lines once more. “Do you know your eyes are sometimes green and sometimes blue?”

He cocked a brow. “Really? You want to talk about my eyes?”

That showed what he knew; his eyes really were alluring. She raised her brows.

Gage stared at her a moment and grinned, taking a long swallow from his glass. “Fine, last I checked my eyes were blue.”

Adrenaline emboldened her as she held his gaze. “Not when you’re coming; then they’re green.”

Gage choked.

Sam’s heart lurched and her face flushed a few thousand degrees hotter. Flirting with him was its own kind of high, and she wanted more.

A bark of laughter broke from his lips, and he tried to muffle it with his napkin, knowing security wasn’t too far off. Gage leaned in. “To be honest, I’ve never seen my eyes when I—”

Sam threw her hand up. “No, God, don’t say it again.” She squirmed in her seat as heat flushed her skin. She wasn’t sure if it was from her embarrassment or his gaze.

He slid those damned eyes up and down her body, at least what was visible above the table, and took bite of his scallops, chewing while he teased, “Are you kidding? I can totally get on board with this change in topic.”

“I’m not changing the topic.” Her face warmed.

He cocked his brow again. “I want to hear more about the color of my eyes, and anything to do with ‘coming.’”

Well, she did start it. Sam snatched a piece of ice from her glass and sucked the end of it. Then, with slow purposeful movements, she ran the cube over her jaw and down the side of her neck. If they were going to keep this fun and playful, she needed to do her part. Besides, pushing the envelope was more fun than she’d ever imagined. She might just need to try it more often. Her voice low, forcing him to lean closer, she said, “Your eyes are blue when you’re calm, in control. But when you get hot, when your body tightens with wanting, they glow a light cyan. As you get closer—you know what I mean by closer.”

Gage all but lay across the table, paying rapt attention to her every word. He nodded with the slightest of movement.

“When your skin slides against my skin, my breasts pressed against your chest, your body so tight, so hot that it can’t handle even, one…more…stroke. Bam!” She slapped the table.

Gage jumped and she laughed. He grabbed his napkin to wipe his brow and downed the rest of his water in one long swallow.


“What?” Gage asked.

She tried not to enjoy herself too much, but he deserved it. If he wasn’t going to let her off the hook, she’d put him on one.


MALIBU BETRAYALS is the first in a new series, Malibu Sights, by MK Meredith. Malibu Betrayals is the story of Samantha and Gage.

Years ago, Samantha and Gage met, but Samantha was already married. While not happily married (Samantha's husband was a cheating, vain jerk), Samantha still stayed with her husband after an accident left him injured. A year ago Samantha's husband committed suicide and although tragic, Samantha was finally free to live her life.

Gage has a chance to help Samantha and gets her a job on the set of his new movie. While Samantha is working for Gage, there are twists and turns that I didn't really see coming, one being that someone was out to hurt Samantha.

I thought this book was a good start for a new series, but I would have liked to see the first meeting of Gage and Samantha years prior. While it's spoken about, I would have liked to see it first hand. The other thing that somewhat irked me is how hot and cold Samantha is. One minute she wants Gage, the next she doesn't. There is a lot of back and forth between the characters. There was genuine chemistry between Samantha and Gage, but the back and forth got to be a bit much.

All in all, I think the Malibu Sights has a promising start and although it could have been developed a bit more, MK Meredith shows talent and promise. I enjoyed Meredith's writing style along with the twists and turns this book holds and I am looking forward to the next book.


Meet the Author

MK writes single title contemporary romance novels, promising an emotional ride on heated sheets. As a member of several writing groups, she believe the best route to success is to never stop learning. She’s had a lifelong love affair with peanut butter -- the only two things coming close in the battle for her affections are gorgeous heels, and maybe Gerard Butler...or was it David Gandy? Who is she kidding? Her true loves are her husband and two children who have survived her SEA's (spontaneous explosions of affection) and lived to tell the tale. The Meredith’s live near D.C. with their two fur babies until the next adventure calls.

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