Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blog Tour: Gypsy Love by Jillian Neal

Arley Copeland vows never to trust anyone, much less a man, ever again. After her fledging career as a romance writer grinds to a halt and her ex blabs to the press about her preferences in bed, she heads to Gypsy Beach desperate to regain some anonymity and maybe figure out what to do next.

Divorce attorney John Rowan has been in on the explosive end of more marriages than he can count. Love never lasts. Of that he’s certain. Sick of barely existing inside the concrete jungle of Atlanta with the endless traffic and endless noise he heads towards a two-week reprieve in Gypsy Beach, North Carolina.

From the moment he lays eyes on Arley Copeland, John is determined to prove that not every guy on the planet is out to hurt her, and maybe teach her a thing or two about herself in his bed and out. With every sinfully sweet caress, they’re falling more and more in love. Their pasts may be fading away, but will John ever be prepared to risk it all on a lifetime love when he doesn’t believe such a thing could ever exist?


Gypsy Beach
by Jillian Neal

Single father, Ryan McNamara, returns to the only place he'd ever been happy, Gypsy Beach. This time he's divorced, broken, but determined to make something of his life.
Sienna Cooper is determined to forget Ryan, the last decade, and all of the hurt he'd left her with. She's got enough spunk and Gypsy fire in her soul to make this work. She's going to run her grandmother's inn and make it a success. But when a chance encounter throws them back together, the passions ignite and the past doesn't feel so far out of reach.
Can they rekindle the love they'd once had? Can he convince her that he never intends to walk away again? Will a potent dose of unending lust, a lifetime of love, and enough hot-blooded Gypsy spirit be enough to save them both?

JILLIAN NEAL is at it again with another beautiful Gypsy Beach book that is just begging to be taken to the beach.

In the first book, Gypsy Beach, I fell in love with the quaint town and the characters that steal your heart. First introduced as Ryan's best friend in book one, I was curious about John Rowan. I wondered what drove him to be a divorce attorney and if he was lonely. Book one sparked a curiosity in me so I was glad book two, Gypsy Beach was his story. 

John's career is not satisfying him like it used to and he needs a break so he heads to Gypsy Beach to reunite with his best friend Ryan, his niece, Evie, and Ryan's fiancé, Sienna. 

John is handsome, intelligent, successful and is a wonderful uncle to his little Evie Grace. I loved these two interactions and thought each time "Oh, he'd be such a great father." 

Arley (I happen to love her name, by the way), is a writer whose career is at a standstill after her ex makes comments to the press about what Arley enjoys in bed. Her family and hometown is ashamed of her and she needs to get away and unwind from it all.

Arley is also very intelligent and driven with a passion for writing. Arley in some ways reminds me of Sienna and in other's reminds me of John. I love how she's a mix of upbeat and fresh and serious and driven.

Gypsy Love is steamy, hot, and heartfelt. The romance is amazing and heart warming while he passion is sure to burn up the pages. I thought nothing could compare to my love of Sienna and Ryan but I love Arley and John! 

Jillian Neal is such a talented author and she's setting my summer on fire with this perfect for summer series. If you are looking for a summer/beach read, I definitely recommend these books.



Jillian Neal is a Romance writer with a passion for passion who pens strong, character driven novels, told from the male perspective. Her guys aren’t afraid to let us inside their minds or inside their bedrooms. They’re hot on the trail of a sinister criminal organization when they’re not burning up the bed sheets. 

She’s a self-proclaimed ‘Southern girl with a sassy mouth.’ Her coffee addiction is barely legal, and she’s most often running around with her hair and her pen on fire! She's full of smarts, sass, and sizzle and that's a lot to get into barely five feet of girl with her head always in the clouds.


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