Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Review: For All You Have Left by Laura Miller

*This is the first review I have done via Blogger app on IPhone therefore please bear with me. I may have to correct this post tomorrow morning if any mistakes are made. 

Title: For All You Have Left
Author: Laura Miller
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 SYNOPSIS: Logan Cross married her high school sweetheart when she was eighteen. 
But life had different plans for Logan, and now, at twenty-two, she is in the midst of starting over 
when Jorgen Ryker moves next door. Jorgen suspects that Logan might be hiding a few secrets, 
but neither he nor Logan is ready when she reveals her biggest secret from her past - a secret neither 
of them realize they share. 

Set in small-town Missouri, For All You Have Left is a love story with an unexpected twist centering 
around three lives, two great loves, and one epic journey in learning how to love again.

"I gave him a piece of my heart a long time ago, and once you give that away, 
I've learned you don't so easily get it back."

Logan Cross met the boy she was going to marry when she was just nine years old 
(Cue music to 'Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry' by Darlene Love). Andrew Amsel was 
the boy next door and the first face she saw in her new neighborhood. As the years passed Andrew 
became her friend, her crush, her first kiss, and most importantly, her first love. Logan and Andrew's 
love was supposed to last forever and a day, but what happens when forever ends too soon? 

Trying to move on Logan reinvents herself as Ada, no longer being able to bear hearing the name "Logan" 
from another's lips. When Jorgen Ryker moves across the hall Logan gets more than she expected as they 
develop a friendship that becomes more in such a short amount of time. Although Logan knows she has 
genuine feelings for Jorgen, the question is if she is ready to finally move on from the past, let go of Andrew, 
and take a second chance on love? 

"Maybe we knew each other in another life. 
Or maybe we were just meant to find each other in this one."

For All You Have Left is a beautifully written story of moving on, second chances, and love - first loves and true loves. 
Captivating and heartwarming For All You Have Left is sure to touch your heart and stay with you.

Laura's characters are memorable, well-written, and real. From laughter to tears, you can feel it all as if 
you are a part of the book yourself. Andrew is the boy every girl wishes to have as a first love. 
Logan is strength personified. After what Logan went through, she managed to move on and take a 
second chance at love, all the while knowing that noone can replace Andrew in her heart. The strength she 
had at such a young age in order to get through everything is simply amazing. And last but not least Jorgen's 
quirks - cooking shows and m&ms are quite adorable for a grown man.  I loved each and every character and 
what they brought into the story.

For All You Have Left had captured my heart and is sure to be one of those books that I read over and over again, After reading this I can honestly say Laura had become one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read more of her work. 

*A complimentary copy of For All You Have Left was provided to me by Laura Miller. Thank you! :)

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