Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Tainted Bodies by Sarah Robinson


Tainted Bodies: Part One of The Photographer Trilogy

Author: Sarah Robinson
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Kate Jackson is listlessly floating through her life having no idea what or who she wants to be and burdened by the pains of her past. That is until she meets Derrick Kane. 

A whirlwind romance leads Kate to believe that Derrick is the answer to all her questions and the patch to heal all her wounds. 

Derrick and Kate’s love is quickly tested as a shocking crime forces Kate to have to figure out how to take care of herself and leads her into a mystery that only Kate has the key to solve. 

Can she catch an extremely dangerous criminal and keep the love between Derrick and her alive? Find out the conclusion of this thrilling crime drama and contemporary romance in the following books of The Photographer Trilogy. 

Warning: Mature subject matter for 18+

REVIEW: Kate Jackson is a survivor. 

She survived what happened to her as a girl. She survived her broken family.

Now as an adult she is restless at a job she never really wanted and stuck with going through the motions of her life. 

Then she meets Derrick Kane. 

Derrick, a lawyer, knew what he wanted as soon as he spotted Kate. He wanted her.

Kate, attracted to him from the moment they met soon, finds herself falling in love with Derrick. 

Falling in love with one another is magical but when the worst happen Kate and Derrick's relationship is put to the test. Can their relationship survive?

Is Kate strong enough to find justice for herself and heal? With a criminal on the lose only Kate can help to catch the man who hurt her, but will holding on to the last piece of the puzzle hurt or help her? Will her relationship with Derek be able to withstand everything that is coming their way?

Sarah Robinson's Tainted Bodies is passionate, dramatic, and mysterious. 

The characters each have their strong suits and their weaknesses which as characters make them more defined and more real. Kate, stuck in a dead end job, longs for more while Derrick has commitment issues stemming from a bad break up. 

Together Kate and Derrick are a beautiful couple falling in love with another. Tainted Bodies is not your typical love story where boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. Tainted Bodies has mystery, crime, and relationship trials. 

I loved how there were so many elements in one story - love, family, mystery, crime, passion - bringing it all together to make Tainted bodies such a great and well rounded book.

Tainted Bodies keeps you on the edge of your seat anxious for what comes next. Ending on a cliffhanger, Robinson makes you want to pick up the next book as soon as possible so you can get the answers to all the questions wracking your mind. 

I loved Tainted Bodies and I am anxiously awaiting book two in the trilogy which releases April 18th.

*Note: A complimentary copy of Tainted Bodies was given to me by Sarah Robinson in exchange for an honest review.

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