Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog Tour: When Dreams Come to Life by H.M. Boatman

Lea McKenzie has it all. A sassy, ballsy, 30 year old who owns her own restaurant in Colorado, loves all things nature, and is hopelessly infatuated with Eoin Skye, Tinseltown’s newest resident vampire-playing hottie. When she gets the opportunity to attend a convention for Skye’s new TV show, Lea jumps at the chance. Little does she know, she’s about to embark on an emotional journey that will leave her breathless, and wanting more. All of Lea’s dreams are about to come to life.

I’ve been standing for what feels like forever, when Eoin comes into my view. God, he’s even more gorgeous in person.

 I continue to look his way in hopes that maybe I’ll catch his gaze. He turns his head in my direction, suddenly locks eyes with me and gives that sexy, panty-wetting grin and a wink. No way is that towards me!

 I quickly look behind me to see if some fox is standing in my general direction and turn back, only to meet those hypnotic eyes again. Again, he winks. Wow!

So, I decide to give it a go, flashing him a shy smile. I point at myself, mouthing, "Me?"
He gives me a nod, confirming my wildest dreams. No way! I feel really nervous to talk to him but I continue to stare at him anyway.

He and his assistant seat themselves at the signature table and every once in a while, he looks straight at me. Am I dreaming? There’s no way this is happening to me!

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Finally, it’s my turn and as I walk up to the table, he never once takes his eyes off me. I’m going to melt. I give a starstruck grin and say hello, outstretching my hand to shake his. He pulls me forward, surprising me, and plants a kiss on my hand, never taking his eyes off mine. 

 My face heats instantly.

“What’s your name, love bug?” he asks with a smile.

“L... Lea,” I reply, nearly speechless. He nods
 seductively and it spurs me on. “I really appreciate the work you do with your foundation, you are a wonderful man Mr. Skye.” I blurt as he signs my picture.

 “Thank you, Lea.” He replies with a smile as he hands me back my picture.

 As I go to say goodbye, he stands and kisses my cheek, whispering in my ear, “Make sure you save a dance for me tonight.”  All I can muster is a nod and a grin in return. Eoin Skye wants me to meet him at the Decade Dance tonight? 

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