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Turning the Tables - Interview series by Phoenix Ink

I was honored to be a part of the Turning the Tables interview series with Phoenix Ink. For those of you that have not heard of it, Turning the Tables, is where a blogger is picked to be in the hot spot and be interviewed, instead of us bloggers interviewing an author. Neat, right? Here's Bottles & Books Reviews interview.

Turning the Tables with Bottles and Books

First of all, Happy New Year, Phoenix! And I mean that in the not-so-generic-but-really-you-should-find-happiness-this-year sort of way. 
This is a time when most people--including myself--make resolutions; plans for the coming twelve months. We take the time to get clear on our goals and dreams. This new year, I am resolved to do more of the things I love with the people I love. I resolve to pursue passion and to pour all my positive energy into my writing and helping others achieve their writing goals and their dreams of being a full-time author making full-time income telling stories.
I resolve to treat people with love and to choose myself without getting bogged down in the guilt and second-guessing of what others think of me. I resolve to live every day like it's my first. And to always say what I mean. My theme song for 2014 is Brave by Sara Bareilles. And to all the Phoenix out there: I want to see you be brave!

Our Turning the Tables series has already been a HUGE hit, so you know. Which makes me so, so happy to see authors wanting to know feedback that will help them do better with their writing and story-producing. I smile when I see the stats telling me how many of you have stopped by. 
Today, I sat down with Jess from Bottles and Books Reviews and picked her brain about what exactly she loves about reading and indies and self-publishing... and what we could do better. Here's what she had to say:

Are you a writer?
I am not a writer. Besides blogging the most writing I do these days are in baby books and weekly planners, lol. 

Do you have aspirations of publishing a book someday?
Growing up I was a major book worm and English nerd. I always dreamed of being an author and writing the next best seller. Sometimes we stray from those childhood dreams though. These days, I love what I do - promoting authors and reviewing some wonderful books. I am satisfied with being a part of the literary world in some way, but I no longer have the wish to be an author.
But hey, you never know what the future will bring so never say never. 

Right! Never is a strong word!

What is your overall opinion of self-publishing?
I support self-publishing and think it’s a good way to do things on your own terms especially if you have goals that you really want to stay true to.
The negative part about self publishing though is that sometimes authors get a bit careless in their writing when it comes to grammar and spelling which can be quite frustrating on someone who is reading the book and can only concentrate on the errors instead of the writing itself.
Hmmm. The problem sounds more like, yup, EDITING.

Do you read self-published books?
Some of my favorite books have been self-published. I think self-published authors deserve a reader’s support. 

What is one thing you like about reading or working with indie authors?
I love reading books from indie authors and working with them because they are so personable and really listen to a reader’s feedback are really good at acknowledging their readers.
You mean, like right now? For those reading this post? Yeah. We do. 
My friend, Cleo Scornavacca, is a newer indie author I love to work with because she really listens to reader’s feedback while engaging her readers and being open with them. The thing I really love is that she acknowledges the help that bloggers give and knows that we have a life outside of blogging but it’s something we choose to do and that we love to do. As we support authors, she supports bloggers in return and acknowledges all the blogs that do early reviews in her book. It’s simple things like that that make readers and bloggers want to help an author by buying their books or reviewing their work. Being acknowledged in a book can make a reviewer feel good knowing that we were apart of something bigger than ourselves. 
Ohhh, this is a great idea for authors to take note of! 

What is one thing indie authors are doing well?
Indie authors are working to support one another instead of trying to outdo one another. They encourage each other to meet their goals and to keep going and offer advice and support when needed.
No competition. Only cooperation! 
What is one thing indie authors need to work on? 
I would have to say some indie authors really need to carefully look over their work and revise the grammatical mistakes along with spelling. When reading a book these mistakes can sometimes be quite frustrating and it makes it hard for a reader to get through a book and to enjoy it. 
No comments from the peanut gallery necessary here. 

What’s your preferred genre to read in?
I’m very eclectic with my reading choices. I am definitely all over the map when it comes to reading. In the last week I have gone from reading a romance to a children’s book to a science fiction book. I am a woman who enjoys it all. I love mysteries and as a woman, I love romances, but I also like to read paranormal books or historical. As a mother I also like to read and review children’s books so that I can get a feel for the kind of books that are out there today and what they can offer my child.

What kind of story are you most excited to read right now?
I’ve just finished reading a few paranormal books along with some children’s books so I’m excited to read the ARC of Rebecca Rohman’s newest book: Love, Lies, & the DA. I just read her book, Uncorked, not too long ago and loved it so I am looking forward to curling up and reading this one.

What’s your prediction on the next “hot” genre?
NA seems to be growing pretty popular these days, but I’m guessing it won’t be long until another paranormal romance hits the stands and is all the rage. 
I've heard this from a few people now. Hmmmm.
Thanks, Jessica, for stopping by!

About Jessica
Jessica Adkins, owner of Bottles & Books Reviews and reviewer, was born and raised in Warren, Ohio where she currently resides with her son and their three troublemaking cats.
A lover of books and avid reader, Jessica started Bottles & Books Reviews in 2013 to share her love of reading & great books with others. Jessica is now working on expanding into Bottles & Books Promotions which will open in 2014 and offer virtual assistant services along with blog tours, cover reveals, release parties and so much more. 

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