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Review: The Wishing Place by Mindy Haig

Title: The Wishing Place
Author: Mindy Haig
Published: March 2013
Rating: 5/5 stars
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SYNOPSIS: The Wishing Place was magical. You went to sleep and you could be there, if it chose to take you. On those lucky nights you could do anything you wanted and have anything you could think to ask for. You could even see the future. But what if you had to wait 16 years for the vision to become reality?

Valerie Porter was a lonely little girl. Her world fell apart when Granny passed away and her parents' troubled marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Her only solace lay in Granny's fairy tales and the secret Granny shared with her alone - the secret of The Wishing Place. 

Granny said what The Wishing Place showed was real. She promised Valerie that there was true love in the world waiting for her. Unfortunately, a promise wasn't much to hold on to when Valerie became an unwelcome stepchild. 

One night, Valerie asked The Wishing Place to show her something special - something really important. What she got was an eight-year-old boy named Nickolas Rossi who was everything she could want in a friend. But was he just a dream or could he fulfill Granny's promise and make happily ever after a reality?

REVIEW: Haven't we all made a wish that we would have loved to come true? What if there was a room where all the wishes you make would be granted and that it may even be possible to find your soulmate in that place?

As unbelievable as it sounds, Nick and Valerie, were thrown together by fate and found one another in the Wishing Place. In their dreams they would come together in a magical place where the world was theirs for the taking. With Lego forts and trampolines, their childhood was spent together. 

As time passed and more of it was spent together in the wishing room Nick and Val began to fall in love. Never knowing when or where they would meet, only knowing from glimpses of the future that theirs was tied together, they promised one another that one day those glimpses would become reality and that they would be together.

Although living separate lives and never knowing where the other way, Nick and Val loved each other passionately and never gave up on one another. 

The Wishing Place is romance, childhood dreams, and wishful thinking all in one book. Together they make The Wishing Place a wonderful and deep love story. Mindy Haig has written beautiful romance within these pages. I loved the book and cannot wait to read more from her. 

**The Wishing Place was provided by author Mindy Haig in exchange for an honest review.

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