Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Update 💚

Hello Loves!
As January draws comes close to an end I want to take the time to thank all the fabulous supporters of Bottles & Books Reviews. You all are more appreciated than you know. It seems as if this month has flown by. I don't know about you all but I hope the rest of these cold winter months do the same. I am ready for spring.

This month my Little Reader in the Making aka The Book Prince, turned ONE! I still cannot get over the fact that my baby is already one. He's kept me on my toes this month getting into everything and chasing after him now that he is walking all over the place. He still loves his books and his weekly classes at the library. Of course he loves his trains (Thomas) more but he's a boy, what do you expect ;)

Unfortunately at the beginning of January my computer hard drive had the misfortune of frying during an electrical outage. Not the greatest way to start 2014. It's taken some time but Bottles & Books is finally back up and running. No computer meant no reviews so I am playing catch up at the moment trying to get as many as possible up this week and in the coming weeks. Luckily I believe in keeping notes and was able to write all my reviews down. Now I just have to type them up ;)

Reviews coming your way include White Horizon by Jan Ruth, The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillip Cash, The Turtle's Shell (Mama's Tales of Kanji) by Vincent Eke, An Abduction Revelation by Thomas L. Hay and For All You Have Left by Laura Miller along with a few others. I hopped from
genre to genre in the past few weeks which gives me a wide selection of reviews to write.

In other news I am in the process of planning an event for Bottles & Books that will hopefully grow to be an annual event. Once I have all details finalize I will be sharing everything with all of you fabulous folks. (If any authors or bloggers are interested, please shoot me an email and I will email you the information.)

There will be a lot of great giveaways coming up. One of which will be posted on February 1st. And lots of fun coming to be had at Bottles & Books reviews.

As I wrap up I ask you dear readers for your suggestions and ideas on how to make the blog better. Game ideas, prize suggestions, event ideas...Tell me what you would love to see on/from Bottles & Books Reviews in 2014.

Thanks to all.
Book Mama 💙


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