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Release Blitz: Model Behavior (The Complete Series #1-3) by Elise Black

Title: Model Behavior (The Complete Series)
Series: Model Behavior #1-3
Author: Elise Black
 Release Date: June 9, 2015


Lies can hide the best and worst of intentions. The truth falls somewhere in between.

Mia Park’s career as a runway model is over, but her relationship with top fashion designer David Madison keeps her picture in the papers and her name rolling off the lips of adoring fans. It’s a life most people dream of, but Mia’s never felt like more of a farce. Lonely and unsatisfied, she makes a reckless decision, and an anonymous tryst with a stranger becomes more than just a fantasy.

When a crazed fan from Mia’s past makes a reappearance, an unlikely partnership is formed between the man who seems to control every part of her life and the one night stand she thought she’d never see again.

With everyone hiding something, it may be difficult to decide who’s in it to win her heart and who’s out to destroy her.

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“Are you looking for someone?”

I finished my scan of the room and my eyes landed on the handsome stranger next to me. Was I looking for someone? No. I’d been so angry for so long. I wasn’t looking for someone. I was looking for something.

Something spontaneous and meaningless. Something that would be my little secret. I needed my own secret.

I looked into his eyes. They were so dark. I could get lost in dark, murky eyes like that. “No.”

“That’s too bad.” “I’m not sure that it is. I thought maybe I wasn’t looking any more because I’d just found him.”

                         My Review
Mia Park's runway career is over, but she is still a prominent player in the media as the wife of designer David Madison who created Park & Madison designer clothes. What the media doesn't know is that Mia and David's relationship is just an act and he spends most of his time with young, impressionable models looking for their big break. 

When Mia gets to the breaking point she finds herself in the arms of a handsome stranger who eventually becomes her body guard. Now that Stone is working to protect Mia will he be able to draw a line between the two of them or will the attraction be too hard resist? 

Stone Carlock, a private investigator once thought he could draw the line between work and pleasure but Mia is knocking down boundaries and going after what she wants for once.

I loved the chemistry and attraction between Stone and Mia. When Stone was first introduced, I didn't see what had happened between them previously coming at all - or the fact that Mia was married. From the beginning, Elise shocked me and left me intrigued with Mia's relationships, her stalker, and her past. Model Behavior is utterly intriguing, suspenseful, and sexy. Mia and Stone heat up the pages of this book and Stone..


Stone is a protective, sinfully sexy & sweet alpha. In volume one he makes Mia this complete breakfast buffett because he didn't know what she would like for breakfast... Definite 'Awe' moment right there.

I loved the banter between Mia and Stone - the sexual teasing and the playfulness. And as for Mia.. She definitely has some secrets in her closets (which is all I will say since I don't want to give anything away) which makes her an interesting and captivating character. 

I really enjoyed Elise Black's writing style and am looking forward to more from this author. The three volumes of Model Behavior are fascinating and keeps readers on the edge of their seats with everything going on within the books. 

                     **4 1/2 STARS**

Author Bio

Two heads are better than one. 

One author by another name. 

One diabolical plotting genius. 

Join forces to write romance that, if not under a pen name, would put their mothers into early graves and leave their husbands scratching their heads.

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