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ARC Review: Turning The Tables (Italian Connection #2) by Joan Kilby

Title: Turning The Tables
Series: Italian Connection, #2
Author: Joan Kilby 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 189 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63375-292-4
Release Date: June 2015
Imprint: Brazen

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She’ll bare everything…except the truth.

Tina Borlenghi is a billionaire businesswoman, heiress to the Borlenghi fortune, and living la dolce vita. She’s also a magnet for men who crave fame and celebrity. So while in New York City launching a new fashion boutique, Tina is more than intrigued when sports bar owner Luke Pederson mistakes her for a sales assistant. He’s sexier than sin and only interested in her. What’s the harm in a little steamy role-playing?

Luke can’t get enough of Tina. And yet, something feels…off. Why is she so secretive? As their role-playing encounters become more erotic, Luke’s suspicions grow. The woman rocking his world is hiding something. Something big. He’s ready to play for keeps, but finding out who Tina really is may just turn the tables on everything he thought he knew about love.

My Review
Tina Borlenghi is a successful businesswoman with a fortune at her fingertips. While opening her newest store, House of Borlenghi, in New York, Tina has a mistaken encounter with a man she believes to be her handyman. Instead Luke is the bar next door's owner. Coming off the heels of a break up and lawsuit, Tina decides that there is some fun to be had with a no strings attached fling full of role play with a handsome guy. The only catch? He believes she's nothing more than a sales girl at the store.

Luke Pederson is a handsome, successful man who wanders into Tina's store one day and leaves wanting to know more about this beautiful woman. As the two of them embark on a steamy role-playing fling, Luke begins to feel there is something that Tina is keeping from him and yet he can't but his finger on it exactly. All Luke knows is that he's starting to want more from Tina.

But is more really in the cards for this couple when Luke finds out the truth about Tina's dishonesty?

Turning The Tables is the second book in the Italian Connection series and is just as wonderful as the first book. Once again the Borlenghi family is back and this time Tina is in the forefront as she opens another fashion store and finds herself falling for a guy she claimed was just a fling. From the very first page to the very last, Joan Kilby captures a readers attention with steamy scenes, role-playing, and a couple that heats up the pages with their undeniable chemistry. 

Tina is such a strong female character. After everything her ex put her through and is still trying to put her through, she's still standing. I love how readers get to see Tina let down her hair and have a casual relationship. Tina gets to be herself with Luke, even if he doesn't truly know who she is.

As for Luke..Wow! He is pretty much the perfect guy package. Great uncle and brother, successful business man, former professional hockey player, and a genuinely likable guy with a passion for helping children with disabilities. I loved that there was so many layers to Luke. He's a barman but a former professional hockey player. And his commitment to children with disabilities which includes his nephew. The foundation was a great thing for Luke to have started and I was glad to see how that story plays out.

I really enjoyed this book and was not able to put it down for anything. I literally just moved from room to room with Kindle in hand. If you love steamy romances and role-play, this one is for you! 

*I received a complimentary copy of Turning The Tables in exchange for an HONEST review.*

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