Thursday, April 30, 2015

Release Day Blitz: Hard by Eve Jagger

Title: Hard
Series: Sexy Bastard #1
Author: Eve Jagger
 Release Date: April 30, 2015


Strong. Arrogant. Hard. 

Ryder Cole is the King of Atlanta’s nightlife — and the one man who can erase my past. 

I’m running from secrets that could destroy me and there’s no room in my life for someone like him: too damn cocky, and sexy as hell. I should keep my distance, but smart goes out the window the minute he looks my way. And when he puts his hands on me… 

A girl could forget her own name. But what happens when the past catches up with me, and all the things I’m hiding from tear our lives apart again? I can’t keep running forever, and Ryder always wins.

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My Review
Ryder Cole is the ultimate bad boy alpha in Eve Jagger's 'Hard'. From the very moment Ryder's character was introduced, I was entranced and wanted more of this undeniable alpha. Seriously, Ryder is the bad boy that every female craves. If anyone wondered what to get me for Christmas this year, just lock me in a room with Ryder Cole for 24 hours and I would be a happy, happy woman. Ryder has all the qualities I look for in a book boyfriend: intelligent, business savvy, rich... And let's not forget those good looks and of course he's tattooed .... 
Sorry, lost my train of thought when my tongue dropped out of my mouth as thoughts of Ryder danced through my pervy head... Anywho, back to business..
What makes Hard great is the equally amazing and strong female lead, Cassie. Cassie is witty, strong-willed, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She's obviously an amazing sister also since she goes to work for Ryder in order to pay off her brother's debt. Cassie is beginning again after leaving an ex-boyfriend behind in England. Obviously something happened there, but you have to pick up your own copy of Hard to find out that story. 

Hard is the perfect blend of intrigue, romance, humor and drama. Throw in those super sexy sex scenes and you have a debut hit on your hands. 

Although the sex scenes were scorching, panty wetting hot, Eve tells a story beyond the sex. 

Hard drives a reader in and has them wanting more. Reading Hard you would never imagine that Eve is a debut author. Showing so much talent and promise, Eve has you hanging on to every word in this book. 

Eve Jagger, you have a fan in me! I can't wait to read your future work. You have a bright, promising future as an author!

Now my question is.. Which sexy bastard will we meet next? 

Hard is 5+ panty dropping, give me more Ryder stars!

Author Bio

Eve Jagger is a native of Georgia and is a true southern girl at heart. A stay at home mom to two kids, she's married to a sexy man who doesn’t mind being used as research for those naughty scenes.

Eve cut her teeth writing in high school and college, but it wasn’t until recently that she got the itch to write a full length novel. She loves complex, emotionally-charged characters and wild, sexy leading men. Hard: A Sexy Bastard Book releases at the end of April 2015 and she can’t wait for you to meet her characters that occupy her mind 24/7! Eve loves to talk and meet people on social media, so be sure and touch base with her on Facebook or Twitter

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