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Book Review: The Almost Wives Club: Kate

Title: The Almost Wives Club
Author: Nancy Warren
Published by: Ambleside Publishing
Release date: March 13, 2015
Format: eBook (Provided in exchange by the author for an honest review.)
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Five Brides–One Dress 

Kate Winton-Jones is marrying one of America’s most eligible bachelors. Edward Carnarvon III is rich, handsome and hers. But at the final fitting of her wedding gown, one of the seamstresses pricks her and a tiny blood spot appears on the outrageously expensive gown. Its famous designer fires the clumsy seamstress on the spot, whereupon the girl puts a curse on the dress and storms out. Kate doesn't believe in curses. She’s modern, American and in love with the perfect guy. What could go wrong? 

But that very evening she meets a man who makes her question her future. And then she discovers that Edward has been hiding a secret or two… and before you can say, “This dress is so cursed,” she’s on the run from Edward, his family, her mother, the paparazzi and the person she thought she was. 

When the man who discovers her hiding place turns out to be the last man she should trust, it’s time to throw her cautious good sense out with the satin shoes she won’t be wearing. Playing it safe hasn’t done her much good. Maybe it’s time to play by a new set of rules. Her rules. 

Sometimes Prince Charming is the one who turns out to be the frog, and true love appears in the most unexpected places. 

Follow the cursed dress through five sets of bridal hands as four more women join The Almost Wives Club. 
These are complete novels. Watch for: 

Secondhand Bride coming in April, 2015 

Bridesmaid for Hire coming in May, 2015 

The Wedding Flight in June, 2015 

If the Dress Fits in July 2015 


As a big fan of Nancy Warren's I was looking forward to the first book in this new series and Nancy did not disappoint. 

As the book begins we meet Kate, a woman to be engaged to a man who from the beginning comes off pretty shady. Readers can see that behind the pretense that Kate is settling, but what changes things for her all begins with a dinner with her fiance that ends with her dining with a different man that night.

When she discovers the secrets that her fiance has been hiding, Kate takes off to find herself - her real self - and discovers how happy she is to be who she was before she met Ted. Finding herself falling in love with someone unexpected, Kate has to decide if she's ready to say goodbye to Edward for good and if she's truly ready for a new relationship. 

And of course, if you believe in superstitions, this all began with a curse on the dress Kate was to wear to be wedded. With one wedding already called off and four more brides to go through, I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes from here on. 

As always Nancy Warren has created characters that are likeable, strong, and that come alive across the pages. I loved both Kate and Nick and felt connected to both character, especially Kate who is taking control of her own life. Nick was intelligent, handsome, and sweet and Kate was a strong woman looking to regain the pieces of herself she had lost and rediscover who she was as a woman.

The book never had a dull moment and was able to capture your attention from the beginning with curses, cheaters, and finding one's self. The scenery was beautiful and realistic and the plot was interesting and full of surprises. As I said before, I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the brides in this series. 

The Almost Wives Club is definitely a five star read in my book!

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