Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Release Day Blitz: For3ver by M.Dauphin/H.Q. Frost

When life gets in the way of plans, one decision changes the course of three best friends’ lives. Friends till the end, but the end is sooner than imagined.
Copyright 2015 Dauphin/Frost
Pulling into their driveway I threw the car in park and headed straight to garage. Some sort of peace came over me on the drive over to their house. I knew what I was going to do. What I had to do. Gage was rolled under his car, working on something that I couldn't see. Oil stained pants stuck out from underneath the hood, and music was blaring loudly. It wasn't even good music either. Liam was leaning against the car, wiping off something and laughing at Gage's crude comment.
"Hey, guys," I said, trying to sound cool as I was freaking out on the inside. Gage rolled out from under the car and used his phone to turn the music off. "Hey, Ry, what's goin' on? I thought you were staying with Jenny tonight?" he said as he was wiping his hands. Liam hadn't said anything yet, he knew something was wrong. That was just it. Liam could always look at me and know something was wrong. It was like he was connected to me in some way. "Hey, Gage, why don't you go grab us a few beers from the house," he said, his eyes not leaving mine.
"Good idea, I thought something was missing," Gage mumbled as he left Liam and I in the garage. Alone. "What's wrong, Ryley?" Liam's voice was so low, he knew.
"I'm... sorry. I'm so sorry, Liam," I said, willing myself not to cry.

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