Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review: Atancia by Wren Figueiro

Title: Atancia
Author: Wren Figueiro
Publication date: August 6th 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5/5
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Synopsis: After watching a young boy die, college freshman Atancia Clark begins to have panic attacks. Her heart flutters, her breath catches and she can’t control her emotions the way she always has. She wants to be strong, but lately she just hasn’t been living up to her own expectations. When she meets Ben Althaus, her breath starts catching for entirely different reasons. He helps Atancia discover the cause for her odd emotional reactions and the history she thought was lost when her mother left her. Atancia has power beyond that of an average girl, and Ben is by no means ordinary. He wants to help her hone her talents, but her focus is threatened by life-altering events. Add Ben’s entrancing brother, Matthew, to the mix, and Atancia’s lack of clarity could lead her down a destructive path.

Atancia is a paranormal romance novel for young adults. It is the first book of The Durand Duology.

Review: Abandoned as a baby, Atancia grew up being raised by her Nana never knowing her true origins or that her mother had left her behind in order to protect her from harm.

When Atancia meets Ben she is drawn to him - not knowing who or what Ben is. When a tragedy occurs, Atancia's life is irrevocably changed. Ben invites Atancia into his world, their world, and shares his insight on who they are by telling her their true origins and what they are: a type of energy feeding vampire. 

Still reeling from loss and healing from the tragedy, Atancia begins to fall in love with Ben and discover more about who she is. With doors opened to new worlds, Atancia grows stronger as a person and more confident in herself. 

With so many new changes occurring in Atancia's life - falling in love, finding out who she is, and learning how to use her abilities in order to save lives - Atancia never stops to consider the danger her mother was trying to protect her from or that danger could be a little too close to home. 

What happens when you find out that everything you thought was true was a lie? How do you recover from such deception and where do you go from there?

Figueiro has written a captivating, well versed paranormal romance with an interesting twist on "vampires". The setting is very well researched and includes some of the most beautiful places in Australia. Figueiro's characters all have their own special uniqueness that makes that help to define the character such as Atty's character, strong and capable with a generous heart, a caring soul, and the ability to help save others.

The ending of Atancia leaves you at the edge of your seat wanting more. I loved Atancia and cannot wait to read the second book in the Durand Duology.

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