Saturday, January 2, 2016

GOALS FOR 2016 ♥

Continuing from yesterday when I posted my fitness & weight loss goals for 2016, I am writing today about my personal and blogging goals. As a third year blogger, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish in 2016 with Bottles & Books Reviews and this is what I have come up with so far.

    1. CHALLENGES - For the last few years I have been taking part in COYER. This year I not only want to participate in COYER, I also want to participate in other challenges. I have found quite a few that I think will be great for me and I am really looking forward to them. 
    2. WRITE MORE - I want to write more than just reviews in 2016. I want to right more conversational pieces and really interact with my readers.
    3. PRE-SCHEDULE A WEEK IN ADVANCE - This would be awesome. I would like to be able to schedule reviews and interviews at least a week in advance in order to focus on the next week's reading, etc.
    4. BE MORE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA - I want to be more active on Twitter and Facebook and bring Bottles & Books Reviews onto Instagram.
    5. MAKE NEW BLOGGING BUDDIES - I would love to make some new blogging buddies and really support all my fellow bloggers. I am making it a mission to stop into various blogs a few times a week and leave some love.
    6. GOODREADS CHALLENGE - I challenged myself to 200 books this year, but I would love to go over that amount. 

  1. GET BACK TO FITNESS - You can read about this more in yesterday's post.
  2. FOCUS ON MY WORDS FOR 2016 - You can read about this more in yesterday's post.
  3. TRY A FEW NEW HOBBIES/CRAFTS - I find so much I WANT to do on Pinterest, etc. but the problem is I never do them. My goal is to take 5 or more ideas I find online and DO THEM this year.
  4. TAKE TIME TO UN-PLUG & BE IN THE PRESENT - While social media is great, I have a son who needs time with his mother. I want to spend as much time as we can together enjoying new activities and events while also just spending the quiet moments together too.
  5. PARTICIPATE IN A BIBLE STUDY - This is something I normally wouldn't imagine making a goal, but lately I have found myself in church a lot more and thinking about the man I want to raise my son to be. I want him to be a believer in God and to have a strong faith and for that to happen, he needs to see his mother have the same.
  6. TO BE CONTENT AS MYSELF - I need to STOP comparing myself to others and their success and just focus on being true to myself. It's easier said than done, but I am making 2016 all about self love and this is a big step.
  7. TO CONQUER EACH DAY - Each day may not turn out as I have planned and may not be perfect, but I want to lay my head down at night thinking of the things I accomplished, the joy I had, the moments I shared with my son or family. At the end of the days those are the only things that matter; not the what-if's or the things that didn't get completed.
  8. WRITE IN A JOURNAL - I've said this before, but have never really truly kept up with one. This year that changes. There are things I want to remember from years prior, but can't because I didn't write them down. I want to document my journey into self love and fitness to look back on.
  9. KEEP A MEMORY JAR - Once again this is something that I would have loved to do in the past, but never got around to doing so. Next New Year's, I want to be able to take this jar out and reflect over our wonderful memories. 
  10. BE ACTIVE IN THE SPOONIE COMMUNITY - Recently I found a wonderful support group of Spoonies on Instagram and Facebook and together we support each other and encourage one another to never give up. Living as a Spoonie is hard, but without these girls, I would be even more discouraged. I want to really be active in the Spoonie community and support these wonderful fellow Spoonies. I want to keep up with penpal letters, send out birthday cards, and surprise my Spoonies with small gifts throughout the year.

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