Friday, January 15, 2016

Announcement: Lust Bites Digital Magazine


  From the fascinating brains of Author LeTeisha Newton and Blogger/PA Jessica Adkins-Charles, comes the love child of their creative minds put together: LUST BITES.


    What is Lust Bites? 
Lust Bites is a digital magazine for authors, bloggers, and readers everywhere. Featuring content that includes interviews, reviews, giveaways and so much more, Lust Bites has something for everyone.
      What began as a magazine newsletter is now an actual digital magazine full to the brim with amazing content and just a preview as to what is to come. As of today, January 15th, the first edition of Lust Bites is out and now is your chance to become a subscriber!

       “How can I subscribe?”
        Simple! Visit the link below, type in your email, and the second edition of Lust Bites will come right to your inbox in February.
       In the meantime, you can check out the first edition here: [LINK WILL BE SENT OUT TOMORROW MORNING!!]

     “How often will I receive Lust Bites?”
    The third Friday of every month an edition of Lust Bites will pop up in your inbox for your reading pleasure.

                                                WE WANT YOU!
       Yes, YOU! Beginning today you also have a chance to be a part of Lust Bites! We are putting out an open call for submissions from authors, bloggers, and readers.

What can you submit to us?
“I’m an author or designer. What can I submit to Lust Bites?”
Are you an author with a book you’d like featured? Submit it to us for review consideration or schedule an author interview. Are you a swag designer or create book related fashion or decor? You can submit your product for review in Lust Bites.

“I’m a blogger/reader. What can I submit to Lust Bites?”
EVERYONE can submit their favorite drink recipes, food & dessert recipes, and photos of your bookshelves. My shelf? Yes, your shelf! Your book shelves, to be exact. A feature in Lust Bites is ‘Show Us Your Shelves!’ and you can submit your bookshelf photos or dream bookshelf photos to us.

Send all submissions to


13.jpgLETEISHA NEWTON is an author, blogger, massive geek, and villain lover.  Professionally published since 2008, she really didn’t seem to catch her stride until 2012. (You know how it is, life and all that jazz takes over). Then she used her love of Anime, random trivia knowledge, and excessive world building to create her paranormal romances. Somewhere along the way she got a bunch of scrapes, bruises, and thick skin. That probably has more to do with her mini-alpha in training then writing, but we won’t tell her that. When she’s not tapping away at the keys, she’s watching Anime, playing her Playstation, or arguing about why female superhero poses are IMPOSSIBLE, albeit sexist. One day she’ll have her own comic, and she’ll do it the right way (she just has to learn how to draw!)


image.jpgJESSICA ADKINS-CHARLES is a blogger, PA, and mom extraordinaire. Owner of Bottles & Books Reviews and Anchored by Books Promotions, she spends her days writing rocking reviews, wearing her Personal Assistant tiara while promoting authors & sipping on champagne in her pajamas (she only wishes!). The best part of her day though is spent pretending to be a variety of Nick Jr. characters while chasing after an over-active toddler boy. She dreams of skydiving out of a plane, visiting the Eiffel tower and taking over the world one step at a time.

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