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Series Review: Unspoken Series (Books 1-3) by Gabbie S. Duran

Unspoken Memories 

(Unspoken #1)


She awoke with no memory of who she was, but one clue will lead her to him…

Abigail Adams had it all, she's a gorgeous supermodel, has a wealthy fiancé, and a career on the rise. But that quickly changes when she wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything. The only memories she does have are not her own, but of a total stranger.

When Abigail discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she leaves him and runs to the arms of the one man she is hoping will give her the answers she seeks.

Matt Garcia is used to playing the field, keeping his heart guarded, but then Abigail Adams unexpectedly shows up at his door hoping he will be the answer she is looking for. Will he finally learn to take a break from his no strings attached lifestyle and show her that she doesn’t need her past, but the future he is willing to offer her?

With every unspoken memory she regains, will she learn to open up her heart to a total stranger, or will she keep it guarded like he does?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, not intended for readers under the age of 18.

                            MY REVIEW 

    Abigail Adams wakes in a hospital with no memory only to be told that she had had an accident and had been in a coma for month. The only thing Abigail remembers is a phone number. Being thrust into an unknown world, Abigail must get used to the fact that she is a well known model and that her manager is her fiancé. When it comes to light that Bill, her fiancé, is a scheming cheater, Abigail high tails it out of there and ends up on Matt Garcia's (the guy connected to the phone number) doorstep. 
   Matt Garcia is still mourning the death of his sister, the woman who raised him. When a well known model, Abigail, shows up on his doorstep with memories that don't belong to her, he has no choice but to believe that the memories she has belong to his sister, Emily. Since the break-up with his long term girlfriend, Matt has become a player and no matter how attracted to Abigail he is he tries not to cross the line, not wanting to hurt her when he can't commit to giving her more. 
    When the attraction between Abigail and Matt come to ahead will they be able to finally define what they are or will Matt's ex from the past get in between them?
     Unspoken Memories was a bit of a toss up for me. I really liked the characters and the original premise of the book, but there were a few things that kind of nagged at me. Beginning with what I liked about the book: The characters.. Abigail was so strong. After being thrust into an unknown world, she just picks up and moves on with life. Being known as high strung and somewhat snobbish and definitely self-absorbed in her "prior life", Abigail obviously goes through a huge growth after losing her memory and becomes more to down to earth. Duran's writing style also gives us a huge insight into Matt. It's as if we get to know him as much as we do Abigail, both from the author's way with words and Emily's flashbacks. Trey, Matt's best friend, was a fun, carefree character and I could definitely tell he cared about Abigail as a friend.
      I also enjoyed how the author builds up the relationship between these characters. Not pairing them together immediately, Abigail and Matt definitely show their connection right off the bat BUT they grow a genuine friendship before jumping in to anything else. I loved how sweet Matt was with Abigail and how he wanted to protect her, but there were also times when I wanted to smack him silly.
      The few things that stood out and nagged at me were the fact that we never learned why her memory never returned. We also never learn why exactly she is having these memories from Emily. Is Emily Abigail's guardian angel? And the way Emily mentions she choose Abigail..How exactly was Abigail chosen in Emily's eyes. Since this is what connected Abigail and Matt in the first place, I would've liked more of an explanation. My biggest 'Argh!' moment though was how Abigail catches Matt. I didn't like the way the author put Abigail in that situation twice. It seemed a little overdone.
       All in all, there were both things I liked and didn't like, but I did enjoy the story.

                                        ★★★ 1/2

Unspoken Promises 

(Unspoken #2)

“I promise to never let go…”

That was Abigail’s unspoken promise to Matt the night she thought she found her happily ever after. But just as quickly, her promise will be put to the test as Matt’s past returns and threatens to tear them apart.

Abigail may be forced to walk away from the only place she now calls home, unless she can find the strength in her heart to stay and fight for Matt.

With every unspoken promise made to each other, can they learn to push beyond their past, or will they allow it to split them apart?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, not intended for readers under the age of 18.

                             MY REVIEW 

   *Unspoken Promises is BOOK TWO in this series and CANNOT be read as a stand alone.

    Unspoken Promises picks up the morning after Unspoken Memories ends. Immediately from the prologue, I knew something was going to happen to give this couple a hurdle to get over. After finding out what that something was, I was unsure if they would get over said 'hurdle'.
    From the start readers are given some big news that effects both Matt and Abigail and gives this couple drama that needs to be resolved. This couple sure does have awful luck and I did feel bad for them, although Matt kind of made his own bed with his mistakes. The thing is, Matt keeps apologizing for something that happened BEFORE him and Abigail got together. And he is apologizing for the same thing as before. 
    When Matt challenges Abigail to a race the stakes are that if Matt wins, Abigail has to come home; just as friends. When she gets injured, it's up to Matt to take care of her, but when lies come spilling out, they have to decided if they can keep their promises or if the damage is irreversible. With everything this couple has been through it's up to them to decide if it's worth it to stay together or if it's time to walk away.
    What I loved most were the friendships in this book. I love seeing Kelly and Abigail's friendship grow and of course you can't forget about Julio and Trey. Trey is Matt's best friend, but isn't afraid to stand up and protecting Abigail - even if it's from Matt. The friendships between this group are truly great and I love seeing the characters interact with one another.
    I also really liked the fact that this was written in dual POV's so that we could see Matt's side of things. I don't think the story would have flowed as well for me if it was just Abigail's side. From Matt's perspective we can see how much he truly cares for Abigail. 
   Duran keeps readers on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to this pair. Sometimes you want to smack one or both of them and sometimes you want to weep for what they are going through. Through it all though, you fall in love with this pair.


Unspoken Endings 

(Unspoken #3)

Will the distance tear them apart? 

With every difficulty Matt and Abigail have faced since the day they met, they’ve depended on their trust and love in each other to see them through. But what happens when absence becomes their biggest obstacle?

When Abigail follows her heart to pursue her career, she is forced to leave Matt behind. Confident that their love is strong enough to withstand the distance put between them, they believe they will soon come back to each other. But when a danger from their past threatens their future, Matt may just lose her forever.

Their love in one another will be put to the test, and only time will tell if they can truly find their unspoken ending.

Unspoken Endings is the conclusion of Abigail's and Matt's story and picks up from where Unspoken Promises ends. From the very beginning of this series, readers were drawn into Abigail's and Matt's lives and relationship and we've all waited to see if Abigail and Matt would get their happy ending with all the obstacles they have faced. Everything a couple could possibly face, Abigail and Matt have faced it. From pregnancies to bullets and everything in between, Abigail and Matt have been dealt some rough blows from their pasts. 

In this book the couple faces a new challenge: distance and the problems that come with the space between them. The distance causes a strain on their relationship but they do the best that they can. They focuses on themselves and on each other and after all that's really the only thing they can do in this situation.

I feel sad to see this story end as I have grown to love the story and these characters. Both Abigail and Matt have evolved from the people that they once were. Abigail seemed so strong to me from the first book and now at the third book and with everything that she has gone through, her strength shines. All the turmoil and heartache that both Abigail and Matt have endured has made them both stronger as people and their relationship stronger. With everything they have been through, it's easy to see that they can survive anything as long as they have one another. Abigail's memory loss and Emily's memories brought her to Matt and without either who knows if this couple would have ever met. And if they did would they have walked right on by one another? Abigail changed from a spoiled, self-centered model to a down to earth woman blessed with genuine friendships and true love. Matt sure has changed from the person he was before he met Abigail also. No longer a player, he is a one woman man and he knows that Abigail is it for him. He's always fought for her.

Gabbie S. Duran has written a series that will stay with readers long after the last page has been read. 

                                ★★★★ 1/2

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