Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Review: The Billionaire Game 2 by Lila Monroe

Title: The Billionaire Game 2
Series: The Billionaire Game #2
Author: Lila Monroe
Release Date: May 11, 2015

Who would have thought a month ago I'd be opening my very own luxurious lingerie shop? Playboy billionaire Asher Young, that's who. And with his encouragement, and deep pockets (that look very good on the seat of his tight pants), my dreams are finally coming true. 

The only problem is, my silent partner has turned out to be all mouth—and lips. And tongue. Is he for real, or is this just another one of his flirty games? With my dreams on the line, I can't afford to get played. 

But when he looks at me like that or touches me like that, all bets are off.


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My Review
I loved the first installment of The Billionaire Game. I loved Asher. Obviously, I longed for this second installment and had a burning need to know what would happen between Asher and Kate and if her business would come together.

As Asher and Kate begin to get Kate's business set up, the attraction between them is becoming more intense and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Of course, Kate is fighting it with every bone in her body because no matter how sexy Asher Young is he is a player and isn't ashamed to admit it. 

As Kate's silent partner, Asher is helping Kate with the details of opening her own business which causes for them to spend more time together. When Kate begins to see underneath his layers every so often, her attraction blossoms even more.

When the chemistry between them finally explodes, a twist is thrown in that even I didn't see coming! I figured Asher's old friend had something up his sleeve, but didn't expect it to be THAT. 

As disappointed in Asher as I am, I think he can redeem himself to Kate or at least I hope. I am a huge fan of Asher's and I really like this pairing. Kate is sassy, witty, and so much fun. I could see myself being friends with her if she was an actual person. 

Oh! And as a side note, how awesome is it that Asher has a Whomobile. I love the closet geeky nerd side of Asher that he shows to Kate. 

Now back to the serious business... How AWESOME is Lila Monroe and her writing style?! Better yet, how had I not read her books before now? I feel like I should put myself in time out or something because I was utterly clueless to this talented author before now. After reading the first two installments in The Billionaire Game I find myself needing more from this author. Seriously, sign me up for the Lila Monroe fan club! 


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