Monday, July 7, 2014

My Hot Teacher by Isabella Johns Book Review.

My Hot Teacher by Isabella Johns.
 (Volume 5 of the "My Hot..." series)

We received this book as an arc in an exchange for an honest review.
This is part of a series but can honestly be read as a stand alone as i hadn't read any of the others!
I must say the book is awesome!!
Ok here goes!

The Storyline!

What happens when a college senior finally meets the man of her dreams and he happens to be her new, young, totally hot English professor?

Celine vows that senior year will be different...when she finally reinvents herself as someone secure, sophisticated, and sexy! After encountering the exquisite fineness of Professor Beard, she's sure that this will be her time.

With an unusual boldness, Celine sets in motion a journey of erotic self-discovery with her new teacher, who is not only handsome and kind, but masterful and seductive, a man, not a college boy, someone capable of releasing the smoldering passion that has been buried within her for so long. 

But Celine also needs a man who can love her back with the same intensity she feels for him. Is the Professor the one? Their burning connection gifts her with the confidence to go for it in a way she never thought possible.

An epic, romantic journey of lust, love, and bliss...MY HOT TEACHER!

My Review!

My Hot Teacher (Volume 5 of the

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My Hot Teacher.

The beginning of this book was simply hilarious!
Celine is talking about how bad her first experiences with the opposite sex were and these moments had me laughing out loud!

Celine grew up being the nerd at school,unnoticed and very shy.
Now at college she has been through some proper weirdo's who honestly just cracked me up!
You really get a sense of Celine becoming a woman through this book, you watch her grow and learn so much.

The Professor, well you think he's a certain way until you find out he's maybe not so much how you first thought he was.
He's all Dom to begin with and shows Celine how things should be done.
But Celine uncovers a side of him that even he didn't realize he had.

This story is so packed with up's and down's and high's and low's.
Jam packed with explicit scenes throughout.
Emotions run high all the way through!
Great book and a well deserved 4 stars!

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