Monday, November 18, 2013

Street Team Sign-Up: Cleo Scornavacca's Wild Roses ♥

    WE WANT YOU! Cleo Scornavacca, author of Miss Taken, is recruiting members for her new street team, Cleo's Wild Roses. Cleo's Wild Roses is an exclusive group of readers who would like to help promote Cleo Scornavacca and her books.

     As a Wild Rose what would I have to do? Don't worry Cleo won't ask you to stand on your head and sing the National Anthem to a crowd. You only have to do what you are comfortable with. Some ways we will be asking members to help out are:

  • Pass out promotional material
  • Spread the word about Miss Taken and all future books by Cleo
  • Choose Miss Taken to read at your book club if appropriate.
  • Feature interviews, reviews, book playlists, excerpts, etc. on your FB pages, Twitter, or blog.
  • Become a fan of Cleo's on Goodreads.
  • Leave reviews of Miss Taken on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Ask your local bookstore to stock Miss Taken
       Every so often we will post a task or contest to the group and ask that you will help Cleo out by doing that week's task or joining in on contests. 

       As a Wild Rose you will... receive member only swag, have the chance to enter fun contests & giveaways, be able to receive exclusive teasers, and participate in member only facebook events. You also have the chance to receive ARCs of Cleo's books and be beta readers. 

       If you're interested in making new friends, having fun, and most importantly helping Cleo promote her books you can sign-up here: CLEO'S WILD ROSES SIGN-UP. Once your information is received we will get you added to the group and get an e-book copy of Miss Taken out to you as soon as possible.                                           

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