Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book Review: Alexandra Fry, Private Eye: The Curse of the Lion's Heart by Angella Graff

Title: Alexandra Fry, Private Eye: The Curse of the Lion's Heart
Author: Angella Graff
Published: June 2013
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SYNOPSIS: Alexandra Fry is just your average seventh-grader. Or is she? Starting a new school, Alexandra hopes to leave her old life, and old reputation of “Loopy Lexi” behind. But it’s not so easy when Alexandra is the kind of girl who sees ghosts. And not just any ghosts, but history’s most famous. They come to her to solve mysteries, when things from their past life fall into the wrong hands.

Desperate to be normal and make some friends, Alexandra is devastated to be visited by none other than Queen Elizabeth the First during a lesson in school. But Queen Elizabeth doesn’t just have your average, run of the mill problem. The thing that was stolen was a locket– a cursed locket, and if it’s not returned to the museum, the entire world will be in danger. It’s up to Alexandra and her new friends Penelope and Jack, to find out who took the locket and why. Ducking security guards, breaking and entering, and finding out someone isn’t who they said they were is just your average day for this seventh grade girl.

REVIEW: Alexandria Frye see ghosts. Neat, right? Not so much when they are visiting you in the shower or in the middle of class. Middle school is hard enough without the other students thinking that you are a completely freak who talks to herself.

Between making friends and trying to survive a new school, Alexandria manages to get on the case of Queen Elizabeth's missing locket. Finding it will be no easy task, but for Alexandria, the ghostly private eye, she has no other choice but to solve the case and end the start of the locket's curse.

Alexandria Frye, Private Eye: The Curse of the Lion's Heart is a great book for young adult readers. Situations that a lot of teens face on a daily basis - making friends, new schools, popularity - help teens to relate to the book. Solving cases and ghostly ones at that hold a young reader's interest. 

I recommend this book for all YA readers and will be recommending the book to my local library.
**This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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