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Blog Tour: Surrounded by Knight by A.N. Hennessy

Title: Surrounded by Knight
Series: A Knight Raiders Novel
Author: A.N. Hennessy
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: November 22, 2015

A dream is an occurrence that happens in the brain while we’re asleep. A wish is the hope for something more.
So what happens when the two are morphed into a grander desire?
Success and fame is something Isabel “Izzy” Morgan and her sister, Addison, wish and search for, not knowing they’d soon find the key to that wishful dreaming broken down on the side of the road. An offer is made that neither one of them can refuse, and lands them the opportunity to travel with the infamous rock band, Knight Raiders. One thing Izzy didn’t count on is another wish to yearn for in the form of Trevelin Knight…They say when you have big dreams you’re supposed to fight to make them come true.
But what does it mean when those dreams change into something you never knew you wanted?
That is exactly what happened to Trevelin Knight. The hardcore rock star has everything he could desire; fame, fortune, undying success, and endless women at his disposal. Though there is one thing he discovered is missing from his life...Isabel Morgan. But can he achieve this one last dream?
In the end, do all our wishes and dreams come true?



I made sure to stay away from Trevelin the rest of the night. He finally went and washed off his disgusting face, removing his lack of poise. 
Addie praised me over and over for my surprise performance, and I told her about the lipstick caked to Trevelin’s face and that’s why I sung the last song. She only laughed and pulled me to the dance floor where we had a blast.
Trevelin stayed at the table the rest of the time we were there. Tons of girls kept trying to make their way up to his side of the table, and I silently noticed he would always have Ben or Rick escort them away. All besides the ones perched on Jace and Reed’s laps. 
I’d glanced his way occasionally, only to discover each and every time he was watching me attentively, and he did so until I moved where he could no longer see me. I was uncertain as to why he kept watching me, or more like glaring at me with a hooded scowl, but it only added to tick me off further and I brushed it off to my after show, and calling him out on his prior behavior.
After dancing for a while and having a few drinks, I told Addie I was going home. She offered to drive me, but I could tell she had other plans. She was hanging all over some guy that looked good enough to eat, and I think she was literally going to try.
“That’s okay. You just keep nibbling on him. I’ll have Ben or Rick give me a ride.”
“Whatever.” She giggled when the guy whispered something in her ear. “Hey, I might not be coming home. Give the keys to one of the Raiders.”
“You kidding?”
“Nooo,” she dragged out, staring at me warningly. I did the same right back.
“You don’t know him, Addison,” I whispered heatedly into her ear.
“Yes, I do. We had a few classes together once upon a time. See ya tomorrow.” She reached inside her clutch and tossed me the keys, then turned to her yummy once upon a time, threading her fingers through his hair, and began devouring his mouth. 
She was un-freakin-believable. I so did not want to take the keys to that table, but I did it anyways. Slowly, I made my way, inch by inch, and was stopped a few times by guys wanting to dance with me in the process. 
Eventually I reached the proclaimed Knight Raiders table where Trevelin had his turquoise stare locked on me. 
“Who’s had the least to drink?” I asked. It was a no brainer really, for the table was overfilled with tons of empty beer bottles.
“Is that an actual question?” Trevelin asked sarcastically.
Yep, he’s had too much.
I looked at Jace with pleading eyes since he was the only one left to give me any hope. Reed was like two seconds away from ripping some girl’s clothes off and screwing her here in front of the entire bar. I seriously doubted that would bother either of them in the slightest. 
“I had a few when we got here, but I’m sober.” Jace looked at me funny.
Good enough. I tossed him the keys. 
“Where you going?” Trevelin asked, still staring lasers through me with a mix of emotions flickering through his cumbrous eyes, giving away that he’d had more than a few beers.   
“I don’t see where that is any of your business,” I replied through gritted teeth. I was mad. At him, at myself for letting him affect me, and whoever stained his face earlier in slut-face red. A tight grin tugged on his full lips, yet his eyes showed he was a little surprised by my less than pleasant tone. “I’m going home. And Addie is going home with some random guy that she probably won’t regret in the morning.” 
Jace turned his head like he was searching for her, but the giggling girl in his lap made it difficult for him to even move. “Don’t wreck the truck,” I said, pointing at him.
“How are you getting home?” Trevelin questioned roughly, getting out of his seat. Standing on his feet, he proceeded to wobble slightly as I watched, thinking how funny it would be to see the ass fall flat on his sexy as hell face.
“Again, none of your business.”
“How are you going to get home, Isabel?” He must be really drunk, or didn’t he get enough of the slut to satisfy his needs? Because that was the first time I’d heard him say my actual name. The undertone he used wasn’t the friendliest either, and I had to bite on my tongue to keep from walking up to him and clanking him in the head with one of these chairs. It would go down like WWE. 
But I stayed calm and said, “A friend.” Then quickly added, “And just so you know, your little tagalongs,” I pointed forcefully toward the almost naked hussy in Reed’s arms, “aren’t welcome in my house either. You’re lucky you even get to stay there.” 
Trevelin took a few powerful strides forward where he was now looming over me. “Someone’s got their candy-panties wound up too tight,” he said smugly, his face spreading into a shit eating grin that I really, really wanted to help him remove.
“Bite me, you pompous ass.”
He laughed, outwardly amused. “Don’t give me any ideas, Country.”
“Not intending to, and you wouldn’t dare.”
I regarded him with a steely stare as my anger built while his glazed eyes hungrily scanned over my body. “Oh, I would and I am more than certain you’d enjoy it. Every bit of it,” he ended with a smirk.
“Come one step closer, and so help me, Hollywood, I will destroy your testicles for life.” 
Despite Reed looking like he was going to suffocate himself by way of climbing down the sleazy girl’s throat, he burst into laughter. “That’s what I’m talking ‘bout. A spittin’ hellcat. Your spicy mouth is fuckin’ hotter than shit, Kitten.” His compliment to me—I guess that’s what you’d call it—got me a grave stare from the whore in his arms.
“Choke on her tongue, you disgusting pig.” 
Trevelin laughed this time as I became aware Jace had vanished, leaving his slut all alone in his seat. That was what I wanted to do. 
Not be an abandoned slut, but to disappear. Desperately.
So I turned to walk away.
“You can be such a prissy little bitch.” Trevelin’s irritatingly, sexy voice crashed against my already flaming nerves, causing me to abruptly stop and my body to bristle.
The whores at the table had the audacity to laugh. If I hadn’t been taught better I would be yanking their hair out right about now or smashing their obscenely beautiful faces into the table.
But I looked past my angst, focusing my livid eyes on Trevelin, hoping they would penetrate through him. “Prissy bitch? I just love how you like calling me names when you are the smutty man-whore. But I’ll let you in on a little something.” I walked closer, my anger rising. “I might be a bitch, which is something I am growing very proud of since I have met you. But prissy—that is something I am not. Don’t think having your hand shoved up a horse’s ass is classified as being very prissy. Do you?”
Trevelin smiled. His lips working up the side of his face in a crooked grin, and as mad as I was at that second I couldn’t help but take notice to how freaking hot he looked with that sinful expression. Dressed like he’d just walked out of the gates of Hell with eyes that promised he was a being from did something to me. I flippin’ hated it with a passion.
“I like it when you get all feisty. It looks cute on you. And as far as the name calling...I have plenty more, babe.” 
For some reason, I took his announcement sexually. He clearly knew his way in the bedroom and no doubt used his dirty mouth while he was at it. 

God, he pisses me off.


A.N. lives in a small country town in southern Tennessee with her husband, Zac, her high school sweetheart, and their two kids. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, but has yet to put it to use. Other than her immense love for animals and writing, she enjoys reading a good book, hiking, and anything to do with marine life. Dolphins are her favorite.
She is also a huge advocate for Domestic Violence. On May 7th, 2012, A.N.’s sister was murdered by her husband and ever since she has strongly voiced awareness for this ever growing crime. Her first book, Damaged, was written shortly thereafter. The New Adult romance is not based on her sister’s story, however, it was written around similar circumstances in order to bring light to Domestic Violence.
Before A.N. started writing, she raised Great Danes, and I still does to this day, sharing her home with seven of these majestic giants along with an English Bulldog and a tank full of salt water fish.

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Other books by this Author: Damaged, and coming soon, Undamaged.

Keep a look out for Surrounded by Knight and its sequel, Forever Country, the series of Izzy and Trevelin.



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