Monday, August 18, 2014

Book Review: My Forever June by DeAnna Kinney

Title: My Forever June
Author: DeAnna Kinney
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Synopsis: Can love truly save a life?

June Russell is a free spirited artist living her dream life in her recently inherited beach cottage on Oak Island. She is addicted to coffee and clutter, and with her quirks and mother issues, she is perfectly content to be alone, feeling her life is utterly complete. But when the adorable Tucker Mitchell helps her out of a sandy situation during an altercation on the beach, the powerful sparks are hard to ignore.

Despite the facts that they are completely opposite and not looking for love, they fall—hard, neither one seeing it coming. And just when they think life couldn’t get any sweeter, illness strikes, blindsiding them both. Will they overcome despite the odds against them? Or, just when they have found each other, will fate play a cruel joke and separate them forever?

My Book Review: Jane, an artist used to living under her mother's strict thumb, is embracing her free spirit lifestyle and basking in the wonders of Oak Island. 

When Tucker Mitchell crashes into her life on a sandy beach, their meeting is anything but normal and when June looks out her window and sees him instead of her normal beach scape scene, she feels herself softening to the persistent man. 

Amongst the clutter and freedom of her life, June always thought she was complete but what if Tucker Mitchell is the last missing piece that she needs to be truly complete? 

And when an illness comes bearing it's sickly head will June be strong enough to stand by Tucker's side for what's to come or will sickness take Tucker from June way too soon? 

Forever June is a story of romance and true love, of embracing oneself for who you are and the one you love.

June takes readers by surprise with her loveable quirks and personality (and of course her possessed cat) and her free spirit. June lives life for herself, the way she wants to live it and the way she embraces it is just so lively and wonderful. Tucker, the exact opposite of June in almost every way, falls in love with June's fun loving and relaxed spirit and in return becomes more down to earth himself. The characters play off of one another and watching them fall in love is magical.

I admire June for standing by Tucker when things go from good to bad. For June there is absolutely no question about staying, supporting and loving Tucker through his illness. For meeting Tucker not too long before, June shows that love can hit you quickly and only the strongest, truest loves can get through the hardest times. 

Tucker's bravery and will to do the right thing - even if it's a stupid decision - makes his character very admirable. 

Although so different Tucker and June are a beautiful couple that show each other in a different light. This pairing is one of the best couples I've come acrossed.

The writing in My Forever June was wonderful, the plot was fantastic and the characters were personable. DeAnna Kinney's talent is encompassed into this book.

I give My Forever June 4.5 stars! 

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