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Blog Tour + Review: Lather by Nicki Rae

 18 year old Emily Jenkins is from a small town in Indiana. She has just graduated High School and is going through a bad break up; she is ready to start college and get on with her life. But, before she even gets a chance to start college, unforeseen events thrust her right back in to the life of her ex. Will she survive him and be able to continue with her life or will she be drawn back to him?

Logan Moore has just returned home from College for the summer. He has had a rough first year, all of his own making. He wants to right some of the wrongs that he has created over the last year, but it is proving more difficult than he thought. After a tragic accident, that he feels is his fault, Logan tries to cope with the guilt and is offered help by someone he least expects.

Will their lives ever be the same?

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My Review: Emily, a high school girl in her last year is in love with Logan, who is a freshman in college. When surprising him with a visit she discovers something unexpected, but did what she see really mean what she thinks it did or is part of something bigger. Will Emily ever be able to forgive Logan for what happened or will she move on and leave him in the past? And when the worst happens, can the two of them ever move past their differences and lean on one another?

Lather is a story of passion, young love, romance, and second chances. Not your typical love story, with some angst and mystery thrown in, Lather is an unexpected delight to read. I loved both Emily, who tried to be strong in light of recent events, and even when she broke down she was able to piece herself back together. I also loved the fact that she was such a good daughter and had such a good relationship with both her mom and her sisters. Logan seemed like a sweet guy who had no problem showing his emotions. When he knew how wrong he had been, he works his hardest for forgiveness. I thought he was a pretty genuine guy and quite a go-getter. Together they made a great couple and seemed to really and truly love one another.

Lather is a great book and easy read. The twists and turns in the book bring it all together. I loved the included epilogue also. 

I am glad I had a chance to read Lather. It's a book definitely worthy of 4 stars. Author Nicki Rae keeps you on your toes with every chapter and leaves you wanting more even after you turn the last page. 

Excerpt:  “Emily, I will be fine. I want you on the table.”

Who am I to argue?

He moves his arm back around to help me down. I do my best to keep most of my weight on me but I know he wants to feel like he helped. I reach up and kiss him for the entire journey over to the table. Before I get myself on the table, Logan slips his hands in the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down. He stands back to look at me and closes his eyes. I walk up to him and almost rip his shirt off. I have been waiting all day to move my hands across this chest. I kiss it, and move my hands down to his jeans and take them off.
Logan kisses my lips and backs me up to the table. I start to get up on it but he stops me.

“No baby, turn around.”

“Oh.” I say, excitement coursing through my body.

I lean over the edge of the table. He moves my hair to fall over my shoulder. He kisses my bare shoulder and moves one of his legs between mine. His hand is moving over both of my ass cheeks until he finds what he is looking for. His fingers trace the line that leads to my sweet spot. He no sooner touches it and I almost explode. He moves his finger away before I can. My back arches and that places my head back on his shoulder and I am silently pleading with him to continue.

He places his other leg between mine now and rubs his manhood against me. Oh my God, I think I am going to die. I reach back and grab him because he is going too slowly. I rip his boxers off him and start to guide him into me. I hear Logan laugh but he doesn’t stop me.

“That’s kind of hot babe.” He says and I can hear the smile in his voice.

I lift one of my legs onto the table, for easier access. I get him to where I want him and he moves inside; slow at first and that is ok. This position is foreign to me, I have to get used to it. Once he feels me relax around him, he starts to pick up pace. One of my hands is on the table and the other is on Logan’s leg. My knuckles are turning white from grasping the table so hard. He continues to move at a steady pace and I feel myself climbing, I look up to the ceiling and he starts to move faster. He reaches his arm around to my front for some extra pleasure and that is all it takes. I shatter in his hands. Logan moves a few more times and he is right behind me.

I am utterly spent. I practically sprawl out, naked, on the Moore family dinner table and at that moment, I really couldn’t care less.

“Jesus, Emily!” Logan breathlessly says in my ear.

“That was pretty amazing, Logan. That is definitely something worth repeating.”

Nicki Rae was born in Dayton, Ohio. Today, she resides just outside of Indianapolis with her husband, her nine year old son and her zoo full of animals; two cats (Sam and Shelby), fish, a bearded dragon (Spike) and a tarantula (Bill). The tarantula actually belongs to the guys, Nicki hates him!

Nicki has a degree in Human Resources and is a banker by trade.

Along with being an avid reader, she is also a lover of music and a HUGE sports fan (Go Colts!).


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