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Blog Tour: Until the Stars Fall From the Sky by Mary Crawford

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Until the Stars Fall From the Sky
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 3, 2014
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Book Trailer:  

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Jeff finally has his life back on track after deferring his dreams so he could be there for his family when they were stuck with a health crisis. As a lifeguard and a law student, he is solely focused on graduating at the top of his class and passing the bar exam so that he can help his mom and little sister.

In a blink of an eye, all of that changes when a beautiful redhead rescues a little boy right under Jeff’s nose while he’s lifeguarding and challenges everything he thought he wanted from the world.

Kiera, a former swimmer turned social worker is distraction he never expected to encounter. She is smart, outgoing, witty, and vivacious and he is drawn to her more than he could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately however, both Jeff and Kiera come with strings attached. . .

My Review:
Jeff, a lifeguard and law student with a hellish past meets Kiera on the beach when she rescues a little boy from drowning. Kiera is beautiful and smart, but has health problems she contends with on a daily basis and a past that rivals Jeff. Can these two face the past and their issues in the present and make a future with one another?

I honestly do not know what I was expecting when I sat down to read Until the Stars Fall From the Sky, but what I can tell you is this book blew me away. Jeff and Kiera both had rocky pasts, and both overcame them to become successful in their own right - Kiera, a psychologist with the county and Jeff, a law student on his way to becoming a lawyer. Jeff had to mature at such an early age and he really loves his family and has helped to take care of them since he was a young boy. His love for them is reflected throughout the book as is Kiera's for her father.

As for Kiera, without giving spoilers, I have an 18 month old son myself and her past and what happened to her at that age breaks my heart. I could never do that to my son, but the way Kiera never lets her circumstances define her and she keeps working to overcome then is amazing and she truly deserves credit for that.

There were a few minor editing errors, but overall this book makes you laugh and makes you cry, which is what some of the best books always do. 

Mary Crawford's Until the Stars Fall From the Sky is an amazing tale of love, overcoming obstacles, and being the best person you can be no matter where you come from. Until the Stars Fall From the Sky shows you that you don't need to let the past define you, you can rise above it. And when you find love, no matter the circumstances, hold on tight to it.

I give Until the Stars Fall From the Sky 4 stars!

Meet the Author:
I became a writer so that I could write stories where love matters and differences don't.

I have been lucky enough to live my own version of a romance novel. I married the guy who kissed me at summer camp. He told me on the night we met that he was going to marry me and be the father of my children. Eventually I stopped giggling when he said it, and we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We have two children. The oldest, is in medical school, and the youngest is still in elementary school.

Presently, I'm a stay at home mom and I am pro bono legal counsel for a domestic violence shelter. However, I have also worked as a Civil Rights Attorney and diversity advocate. I spent several years working for various social service agencies before becoming an attorney.

In my spare time, I love to cook, decorate cakes and, of course, obsessively compulsively read.

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