Monday, May 12, 2014

Book Review: Flawless by Jennifer McGill-Sadera

Title: Flawless
Author: Jennifer McGill-Sadera
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Rating: 5 STARS*

SYNOPSIS: Nobody's perfect. Except Lia Copeland. She's flawless. And worshipped. And hated. From her perfectly proportioned figure and enviable bone structure to her instinctual talent for clothing design and cavalier attitude, Lia's the woman every other woman wants to be and every man wants to have. Catapulted from sigh-maker in the high-school halls to superstardom in the fashion world, she makes it look easy. A girl like that has everything; every reason to be happy. Then why does Lia Copeland just want everyone to leave her the hell alone? 

Behind the dazzling light of Lia's successes is a dark tale of fear, betrayal and confusion, leaving her with unfathomable anger--and so many questions. Chief among them: why is apathy threatening to take over her life? She forces herself to look to both inside and outside sources of the problem, leading her through a maze of emotions and relationships as she carries out her quest. 

From the friends of Lia's youth--her best friend, Maddie, her tragic kinship with Doug, the tangled love triangle between her, Doug's cousin, Chad, and her pal, Wilson--to her later-day bond with her mentor, Jade, and therapist Ruth, Lia discovers the necessity of friendship and forgiveness in order to reach a life-affirming resolution. 

A story about the choices made in the wake of travail and tragedy, it explores relationships with all their messy and marvelous moments and magnifies the beauty, wonder and 
endurance of first love.

MY REVIEW: Flawless is the story of soul-mates, first loves, true loves, friendship, and personal growth. 

Lia Copeland knows that there is something different about herself. Something that makes her apathetic to other's and their feelings along with her own. Going through the motions, Lia is stuck. Luckily for her she has her best friend, her soul-mate, Wilson by her side along with her group of close friends.

When she meets Chad everything changes. Instead of feeling apathy where Chad is concerned, she feels attraction and doesn't know how to handle it or her growing feelings for him.

When Lia ends up pushing Chad away she begins to immerse herself in school and her growing career, but when the loss of a close friend hits her hard she knows something has to change. But the question is: Is she ready to know why she is the way she is? Is she ready for the knowledge of something so dark her mind locked it up so tight to protect her?

Finding the strength to move on and move ahead is just the beginning of her healing.

When it comes time to face her first love, the love of her life, after so many years apart will she be able to? After everything they have both been through are they finally ready for each other and forever?

Flawless is beautifully written. The story is woven with so many elements that make it so complex and beautiful with each layer. I loved the main character, Lia, despite her flaws and cheered for her every step of personal journey. 

Jennifer McGill-Sadera's characters each had their own personalities and defining characteristics which made them unique. Their differences and similarities brought them all together and connected them as life long friends.Wilson's kind heart and dedication to Lia was heartwarming where Chad's unending love even after so many years apart was beyond touching. 

Flawless is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating!

*A complimentary copy was provided by author Jennifer McGill-Sadera through Lola's Blog Tours.

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