Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review: Learning Curves by Joanne Rock

Title: Learning Curves
Author: Joanne Rock

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Synopsis: Graduate student Madeline Watson can't believe the university rejected her human-mating-rituals study, hinting a good girl like her can't handle the racy subject. Okay, so maybe she has a few gaps in her mating knowlege. But she's changing that by propositioning the campus bad boy Cal Turner. With his expert instruction, she'll learn the finer points of desire... and how much fun it is being bad.
Mechanic-turned-teacher Cal has to shake a reputation that's been a lifetime in the making. Which means he can't risk a public fling with Maddy... and he can't refuse her oh-so-tempting offer. But he could give her private lessons-- just the two of them-- studying the art of seduction. Until their passionate sessions overheat the classroom and Cal's left wondering who really is the teacher.
My review: 
Learning Curves is a romantic novel about friendship, lust, and love.
Madeline Watson, a shy bookworm and graduate student, is looking to expand her horizons in order to have more experience for her next research project - a project on human mating. This is where her friend, and the man of her fantasies, comes in. 

Cal Turner has been Madeline's friend since she met him a few years prior. Cal, a mild mannered college professor and successful businessman with a naughty streak, has also felt an attraction to Madeline - even with the frumpy clothes she wears and the lack of make-up. 

When Madeline approaches Cal looking for no-strings attached fun in order to garner learning experience for her research, can Cal turn down Miss Bookworm turned seductress? And will their friendship ever be the same?

Joanne Rock brings together two total opposites and shows that opposites do attract in Learning Curves. The characters are well thought out and defined from Madeline's frumpiness to her always thinking brain and Cal's handsome good looks and success story of building something from nothing. The plot is fantastic and touches on a bit of the forbidden - College professor and grad student and the book keeps you hanging on from page one.

Learning Curves definitely deserves a recommendation from Bottles & Books Reviews! 

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