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Blog Tour: The Rules Regarding Gray by Elizabeth Finn

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Gracelynn is drowning in an existence that fails to fulfill her. A ballerina by trade, she’s devoted her life to the stage, sacrificing adventure for discipline. When her boyfriend gives her permission to want what she’s not supposed to want, can she walk away? Or will she leap?

Jasper isn’t a man with many boundaries, and “sharing” a woman with his best friend is hardly a new endeavor. But the moment he meets Gracelynn he realizes she’s different. She leaves him feeling alive in a way he’s not used to, and for the first time in his life, he understands what it means to be wanted… Cherished… And he needs more… 

But there are rules—rules that forbid Jasper from truly having her. As forbidden desire spirals out of control, Jasper has to decide if he’s willing to fight for something that doesn’t truly belong to him? His best friend doesn’t deserve her, but is Jasper strong enough to believe he does?

My Review
Jasper is a good man who has done well for himself despite his background and his so-called parents. Not used to romantic entanglements unless they involve just one night, Jasper finds it preposterous when his best friend offers to "share" his girlfriend with Jasper. Meeting Gracelynn is one thing, but as he starts to get to know her he finds himself drawn to her and attracted to her despite his previous "type". Whereas he used to prefer blondes with big breasts, Gracelynn has a dancer's body and grace and is a brunette...However, she's perfect to him. When his best friend fails to treat her the way she deserves to be treated, Jasper tries to show her that he can be the man for her.

Gracelynn is sheltered. When the chance to break out of her shell and do something adventurous rises, Gracelynn takes the opportunity, but where there are supposed to be no strings, she finds herself tangled up - and not with the guy she's supposed to be dating. Can her attraction to Jasper go any further than her being shared between two friends or will she find herself heartbroken and alone? 

The Rules Regarding Gray was not the type of book that I am usually used to, but it was a great book that had me hating to put it down. Gracelynn is intelligent, caring, and talented. Her boyfriend on the other hand is a jackass of extreme portions. When Jasper entered the picture I was thrilled and liked him immediately. Jasper was more down to earth and thought with every part of him, not just his downstairs brain. 

Gracelynn and Jasper brought out different sides to one another. Jasper was able to allow himself to be vulnerable and open to her whereas Gracelynn let down her barriers. The two of them were opposites but were the perfect pair. Gracelynn's relationship with her boyfriend was always lacking passion and I just couldn't find myself like him in anyway. He's one of those characters you just can't help but hate. 

Elizabeth Finn brings the world of Gracelynn and Jasper to life. With descriptive parts that have you melting as you read, The Rules Regarding Gray is full of steaminess and passion. There is nothing lacking about The Rules Regarding Gray. From characters to setting to plot, The Rules Regarding Gray has everything that brings a good book to life. 

The Rules Regarding Gray was a new to me type of book, but it was quite fascinating and had me hooked. I am definitely a fan of Elizabeth Finn's from here on out. With that being said, The Rules Regarding Gray definitely deserves five stars!

Meet the Author
Elizabeth Finn is a multi-published contemporary romance author. Her passion is creating stories packed full of believable conflicts, characters who leave you rooting for them, and romance that might just short-circuit your e-reader. She likes her characters flawed, but they always find the best part of themselves on their journey. And her readers find themselves devoted to her honest and heartfelt voice.

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