Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cover (Re)Reveal: Thirty-Eight Days by Len Webster

I am thrilled to bring Bottles & Books Reviews fans & other fabulous readers an exclusive treat today. Author Len Webster has generously allowed Bottles & Books Reviews to re-reveal the cover for her debut novel, Thirty-Eight Days. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of Len! She's a very talented and incredible writer and has to be one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. (She also has a love of Jensen Ackles, so that's a plus too.) With that being said I am honored to help Len in celebrating the new cover of her Thirty-Eight Days. The cover goes live December 1st, but until then check out this beauty below from Najla Qamber Designs.

“Every storm has a beginning, 
every storm has a perfect moment of bliss, 
and every storm has a destructive end.”

Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye. In fact, if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan Parker hated every thing about her. They never shared any form of connection besides Alex Lawrence.

She was Alex’s bratty sister and he was Alex’s best friend, they never stood a chance.

Five years have passed and almost 12,000 miles have kept them separated, both living completely different lives. Unchanged perceptions and expectations should have kept them apart. But when Nolan returns, the foundations of their relationship is sure to change.

Their story was meant to end the day Nolan left for Stanford. But what if seeing each other after five years was the game changer? What if this was their one chance to rewrite their relationship or were they always destined to never be more?

“I love Nolan Parker for every imperfection 
he has and for every bit of perfection is.”

“I will never love another woman like I love her. 
In my arms, I hold my forever.”

EXCERPT: “It was mid-semester break, and I was almost done perfecting a cupcake when I remembered about the party our uni held. Darren had begged and pleaded for us to go, but I told him I wanted to work. But then I changed my mind. When I got there, I couldn’t find him, so I went out looking for him. Stevie tried to stop me, but I kept refusing until she gave in and followed me.

“I found Darren after we walked out to the field. He had Elizabeth against a tree, having sex with her. He told her he loved her, and it broke my heart. He never told me he loved me, and it was painful. I went to leave and tripped on a branch. Darren saw me and begged for me back. I told him it was over and that he humiliated me in front of everyone. I was glad that I had Stevie there. She made sure Elizabeth didn’t say a word.” Clara paused and looked down at the table.
“He never denied that he loved her, because he couldn’t. It was the only truthful thing about him.” Clara didn’t notice the lone tear that slid down her face until Noel reached over and wiped it away with his thumb. The contact alone made her shiver. It felt like more than just electricity. It felt deeper, igniting her body and her senses. When she looked up to him, their eyes met and she smiled. Noel didn’t interrupt her once. He let her talk and it was refreshing.
He’s not the boy I once knew.
“I didn’t know. I’m sorry, Clara,” he said softly with more emotion than she expected.
“Don’t be. Your dick wasn’t in a whore, was it?” She shrugged. Her response alone caused Noel to tense, his hands forming fists and his eyes filling with rage.
“He shouldn’t have done that to you!” he growled. Noel needed calming down. Clara felt a sense of protectiveness string from his voice, and the look in his eyes told her he wasn’t kidding. She rose from her seat and crouched in front of Noel, placing a hand on his cheek.
“Noel, it’s okay. It doesn’t hurt me anymore,” she said, trying to bring him back. His green eyes were glassy and his body was strung up tight. She caressed his face until he shook his head lightly and placed his hand on top of hers, causing her to flinch. His touch was tender yet she felt the callousness of his hand on hers.
Walls, Clara, remember your walls!
But the thought didn’t disarm her. She simply kept her hand on Noel’s cheek and met his eyes. There was no denying the fact that she felt safe with him.
“Clara, I wouldn’t hurt you like that,” he said. She tensed, her eyes going wide.
Fear and panic filled her body. She didn’t expect Noel’s response. They were inches from each other, and he was looking at her in a way she’d never seen before.


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