Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: Traitor Savant (Seals of the Duelists #2) by Jasmine Giacomo

Title: Traitor Savant (Seals of the Duelists #2)
Author: Jasmine Giacomo
Published: September 18th 2013
Publisher: Cazar Fiction

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SYNOPSIS: While Bayan struggles to train his campus hexmates in the forbidden arts of Savantism, Kiwani leaves on the advice of a sint, seeking closure for a painful family secret. But Kah, her hexbird companion, returns to campus without her, and an arbitrary decision sends Head Chanter Doc Theo back to the Temple of Ten Thousand Harmonies in shame.

Though Bayan and his hexmates rescue Kiwani, a second prisoner they free is no friend, and his very existence raises troublesome questions. He promises Bayan secret knowledge that could aid in understanding the deep political currents that threaten to deluge the campus, but when members of a rival hex suffer mysterious attacks, Bayan must decide whether he’s harboring a victim or a killer.

Between the stranger’s secrets and an urgent message from a mysterious, gifted singer at the Temple of Ten Thousand Harmonies, Bayan pieces together a threat against the empire more insidious than even the Aklaa rebellion, but exposing its mastermind will cost Bayan everything he has.

REVIEW: Traitor Savant, the second book of the Seals of the Duelists series, picks up months after the first. Bayan, a hero after saving the emperor, is now embracing who he is and the duelist lifestyle. While Bayan is succeeding, Kiwani is still struggling with the revelations that came to light months prior. In order to find herself, Kiwani must travel outside of the academy. Kiwani does not know what to expect during her travels, but she knows in her heart what must be done in order for her to become one with her magic once more.

While Kiwani is away, Bayan stumbles upon another plot against the emperor. This time though the only way for Bayan to save the emperor and the ones he has come to love and befriend is to become a traitor to the duelist name, leaving him alone with nothing. 

After finishing Rebel Elements, I immediately began Traitor Savant. Traitor Savant seemed to flow more naturally for me and was not so slow in the beginning. The writing is fantastic and the imagery the words produce leaves you feeling as if you are there in real time. The characters are all well thought out and formed  and the bond that they begin to feel as a group is strong and real. 

I highly enjoyed both Rebel Elements and Traitor Savant and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for both Bayan and his hexmates.

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