Saturday, November 23, 2013

Book Review: Nursery Rhyme Delights - Illustrated by Kristi Abbott

Title: Nursery Rhyme Delights
Illustrated By: Kristi Abbott
Kristi's Website
5/5 Bottles

SYNOPSIS: Nursery Rhyme Delights is an artistic children’s book designed to help children learn six well-known nursery rhymes in a fun and interactive way. It combines original hand collaged illustrations, playful typography and an interactive memory game.

REVIEW: My ten month old loves books. Always active, the only time he seems to be still is when he has a book. He goes to Babytime classes at our local library every week where he participates in finger plays, listens to stories being read, dances to songs, and learns nursery rhymes. 

An important focus of every class is nursery rhymes. I was shocked when his teacher, the children's librarian, told us parents that most children do not know any nursery rhymes due to the fact that their parents or teachers do not take the time to teach them to their children. 

I grew up with Mother Goose nursery rhymes and think they are important to every young child's education. That is why I think this illustrated book, Nursery Rhyme Delights, is great for young children - or just the young at heart. 

With beautiful, captivating illustrations, Nursery Rhyme Delights captures the whimsical and magical feel of nursery rhymes. The rhymes in this book are a few of my favorites and a piece of my childhood that I can pass on to my son.

Nursery Rhyme Delights is a book that I would love to add to my son's ever growing "library" and I hope to be able to one day donate a copy to our children's section of the library to thank all the librarians that work with my son and believe in the wonder of nursery rhymes still. 

**This book was received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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